Fresh Workouts that Inspire Life

Riding waves is challenging but when you catch one its the most amazing feeling in the world.  

Waves are un-predictable, always changing and can be overwhelming.  Sometimes you want to give up.  The waves can beat you down, make you want to cry and the salt in your mouth is gross.  But you keep trying because when you catch that wave...  Time stands still.  You leave the worries of the world behind and all you feel is freedom, all you feel is now.  The best part?  Even if your timing is off, you miss the big break or you totally wipeout... There's always going to be another chance because there is always a NEW WAVE coming in right behind the last one.

The ride is always different always unique.  Kind of like our workouts.  Kind of like you.  Kind of like your life.

Enjoy the ride.  And speaking of the ride...  While you're here, why not let it rip just a little bit?

Peace.  Love.  Surfs up.