If self care, self love and feeling hella good are on your list of things to do and feel for 2017 this covers all 3 and then some more.   Wednesday January 18th - doors open at 730pm and you're invited!

This months session is dedicated to the moment you're in AND the year ahead, and how you can get the most out of both to be living your best life RIGHT NOW, TODAY. This is a great way to start the New Year even (and especially) if it hasn't been the best for you so far - don't worry there are reasons.

Come as you are, leave inspired and relaxed, feeling physically, mentally and emotionally lighter. 

Here is what people who have experienced it have to say:

Heaven on Earth.

Going to yoga lady's night is like going on a mini vacation. The yoga is relaxing, the music and the inspiration generated is refreshing.   It's a great place to take a break. 

You know when you have the best night out with friends and you go to sleep with a smile remembering the events of the night, or when the bartender NAILS your favorite drink. It's like that.  Yoga by candlelight accompanied by all the nice warm hands of massage you while you stretch your body and your mind. Really, life can be that good. 

Yoga massage ladies night is like a welcoming to leave your life at the door and step into 2 peaceful hours of bliss.  Music is always on point, candle-lighting is low and amidst relaxing into a dreamy yoga sequence, magic hands appear on your body in just the right places.  And then wine.

I don't know if I can put it into words. 

Relaxing, fun, awesome. It's a chance to have a fabulous yoga session accompanied by massage to help you through the practice. Then, there is wine, chatting and shopping. What's not to love about that?'

Everything that we want our husbands to do for us or let us go and do, all in one night.

There are just 3 more Yoga+Massage Ladies Nights this year and there is still space to register for this one now!

Doors open at 730pm.

The dress code is whatever is comfy, bring a yoga mat prepared for a magic carpet ride to paradise!!!


Well wow.  We made it through and into another year!!! Whether 2016 was your best year ever or you can't wait to pick the wedgie of last week out and get this 2017 thing started already (or both), the time is definitely good now, the moon and the stars are both in alignment, and we've come up with a few ways to help get your pants out of your crack and get you back on track. New classes, new class times (noon!), new special (and fun) events.  And other new stuff that I can't really tell you about, cause the rest of the new stuff is new stuff you'll have to come in and experience for yourself real live in person.  OH and like we do every New Year, EVERYONE gets a fresh start at New Wave.  This means that you are welcome to help yourself to another intro month for just $77.  Even if you've been before, even if you're not ''new''.  Consider yourself shiny and new to us....  It's a part of the fresh start deal that comes with 2017 - we want you to come and try our new excitement for life out and if that means we have to bribe you back in with a lower price.  Well...  Consider this a little Mexican negotiation where you come out on top.  

Stay tuned for more of whats new - see you next year!  

XO Stacy +Team


Are you stuck, struggling, un-sure of something or lacking direction in life in general???

Join us for a 2 hour workshop on whole life living facilitated by Mastery Level Life Coach Megan Woodruff and Holistic Health and Wellness Fanatic Stacy Zeman (this is moi writing - or in all honesty right now I am copying, pasting and editing this post).

Get clear on your vision for life, who you are, what you want, where you're going and then how to set yourself free of what holds you back and GET THERE.  Not sure exactly where ''there'' is right now?  Even better.  

You will leave with clarity, excited and ready to take action to light up and live your best life. To follow the rainbow to the pot of gold if you will....  

Workshop includes yoga session, guided meditation, group life coaching, open Q+A and homework.  Your investment is $49.

11 / 26 /16


Come move + be moved with us.

Register here under the events + workshops tab.




Over the past year I've really dug into some big life questions and I've realized that one of my deepest heart desires is to love all people. Help people. Tell people they matter. I want to see the GOLD, the goodness, in people and not only draw it out of them but help them see and believe it as well.  This event is my first practical step to doing that. 

In my heart I know there are so many issues in the world that I would love to help with, too many in fact. And I hope in my lifetime I do get to some how make a difference, small or big, in lots of these areas.  But for now the biggest thing on my heart is helping girls; younger girls going through the stages and confusing steps of trying to figure out who they are - reaching them before ‘the World’ tells them who they “should” be. Getting behind them and helping them see they don't need to be anyone else but who they are. Someone to encourage them, to listen to them, and most importantly to love them. 

These days the world through media is constantly telling us to be better, to be more successful, to try harder. And it's not easy. I remember when I was younger and I truly did believe that I needed to be someone else for people to like me, to be seen. So now, I want to tell girls that they are beautiful and special and that and that they can do anything despite what life has already dealt them. 

So that's my heart behind this project. And here's where I need your help:

Do you know of any girls in your life that could use someone in their corner, to help them step into their full potential and to simply be a light in their life? If you do, I would love to meet her..

Send me an email ( or give me a call (639-317-8489) if you want to help out with this dream I have! 

You can also help by:

Donating clothing...  We are looking for clothing, gently used, clothes that you don't wear, maybe stuff that you may have paid a bit too much for and never really used.

Cause....  We are going to have a clothing swap on Friday, November 4th with all of our clothing donations from around the community.  I'm trying to generate the idea that we have more than we could possibly need. Our lives are so cluttered with things …  So I'm asking for you to really dig deep and see if there are things you would be willing to give to someone who would love something new. Let's get behind the idea of recycle and reuse and come have a fun night of sustainable shopping.

All the money raised from the clothing swap will be put towards two causes near and dear: 

  1. A program I am starting, working with young girls in our community who have had a tough go in life. Spending time with these girls once a week to mentor them, help to guide them, to empower them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Two wonderful girls that I had the chance to meet in Africa. In the area I was in kids don't go to school unless someone literally pays for them, and college is not a thing that really happens ever. But without further schooling chances of getting a job are very low. My two friends want to go to college for business and fashion and I want to be apart of helping them get there. 

Whether you want to donate or just come for a fun night of shopping with amazing people in our community we would absolutely love to see you. Tickets to get into the swap are $10 and items will run from $1-$50 dollars.  Cash and Credit accepted! We will have other fun stuff going on, some local community partners, possibly some cocktails and live entertainment...  So come on our for a night with good people and epic bargains😊 Save your Friday evening on November 4th! 

If there is some way that you, yourself, your family, your organization or business would like to be involved in or contribute to this project please reach out, this is all about bringing people together for the greater good of humanity.  Again my email is l ( or give me a call/shoot me a text at (639-317-8489).

Stay tuned for further updates.

Peace + Love






Well wow.  There are a lot of moves being made around here and right now with all that's been going on the daily routine feels a lot like cliff jumping.  Scary, un-certain, breath-taking , amazing and liberating.  Pretty much, though not always in that exact order.

The things that bring about change are hard.  Change in itself can be a scary thing.  ON the bright side change is almost always accompanied by growth.  And growth generally results in a new type of freedom.  A freedom that you didn't know was possible.  Until you take a jump off the cliff.  Metaphorically speaking of course though in some situations it really does feel that way.  Its an uphill climb, the view is promising and freedom requires a leap of faith.  A leap of faith knowing that everything will be OK when you land.



Today is about hello and goodbye...

As you may know, Kait is leaving.  Well actually she left.  Her and her main Josh are on their way to South East Asia for 4 months.  So obviously we are already missing her.  Thankfully we have a couple rad gals stepping in to fill her shoes.  One of said rad gals is Amber McQueen who when I asked ''do you know if Darren (@dahul) got any photos of you?''  she replied casually without even missing a beat ''not one with a top on''.  Which is serious and funny and at the same time was seriously funny.  Maybe you had to be there.  



ANYWAYS.  Amber fits right in with the crew and is holding down all of the New Wave related details.  You can get her at and as soon as I have a photo of Amber with her top on, I will make sure to introduce you guys properly.  There's a really good chance that you've already worked out with her...  Anywayyyyys so moving on to what we're really here for.

Last and definitely not least of all of the comings and goings happening right now, this one is big.  You may have noticed that Roz has been teaching fewer classes as of late; to free her up for other interests she has wanted to pursue and she is now charging full ahead on those.  We have enjoyed working with Roz and wish her all the best going forward - we know she will succeed at whatever she takes on.    How fitting, as she moves on to the next chapter in her life, that she  took a page out of it for you:

Often times, what feels like the end, is a new beginning.


Stacy + The New Wave Team


These are a few of our favorite things:

Yoga + Massage

Friends + Wine

Socializing + Shopping

And so naturally we are thrilled to share an evening of all of the above with YOU.   Next Wednesday night.

Spend some time with yourself, get grounded, then connect, socialize and do some shopping if you please.   On top of the yoga, massage and wine, well, its comparable to paradise.  The only thing that's missing is the hammock and the beach.  And once you hear the sweet sounds of music and feel the magic of hands on your body the hammock and beach won't matter anyways.  You will be taken away on a glorious holiday (without the long plane ride!) and returned safely in one piece, happy, relaxed, rejuvenated, tank on full.

Your investment is $30 and includes yoga, massage, wine, shopping, socializing and the amazing feeling that you will carry with you when you leave.

Space is limited sign up online ---->

Come and feel all of the love.


The original Project You was a great success; one that we are more than excited to build on this fall. 

Starting on Thursday September 8th join us for another 4 weeks of radical self love, growth, personal development, learning, un-learning and whatever else comes up as a result.  

Project You is based on the fact that YOU are the best project that you will ever work on; a returning home to you if you will.

We grow together to educate, communicate, explore and break down all kinds of different ''things'' that effect us.  Old beliefs.  Thought patterns that no longer serve us.  We will do goal setting in a less traditional (and more effective) way.  Receive life coaching sessions.  Nutritional seminars.  Small group training sessions.  Homework.  Workouts.  Work-ins.  Workshops.   Anything goes.  Just like we never stop growing, we will never stop exploring the human condition.  Why do we do what we do?

Annnnnnnnnd if you're still not sure what exactly to expect that's kind of what its all about anyways.  This program is an organic creation that moves, flows and evolves just like the people in it. 

Your investment is $139 for each 4 week session.  We meet Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm for 60-90 minutes and get up to all kinds of things.  

Create + liberate yourself with us.  We promise it will be the best decision you ever made.


Join the entire New Wave team in this 6 week immersion into YOU.

The idea behind this was initially to offer something for beginners to get moving, something to get ''a foot in the door'', to dip your toes into the New Wave waters and it has quickly become something that will benefit anyone looking to create any form of healthy change in lifestyle.

So first and foremost we would like to invite newbies, beginners and people who ''aren't quite sure about group fitness''.  We are also encouraging current members to participate; to improve your mind body connection, create a new awareness and expand your understanding of the exercises and practices that we do every day for better results in every aspect of your life.

YES!!!!  We are excited to bring the collective knowledge and life experience of all 5 of our trainers to this Volume 1 of Project You.  A program for YOU, supported and facilitated by all of us.  A journey of self love, discovery, acceptance, learning, growing, evolving, breathing, being,  moving, shaking (maybe dancing) and transformation.  

Lets face it, sometimes you need a little kick in the pants (or some love and a high 5)  to get motivated.  To make changes.  To take care of yourself.  And to stay motivated to keep doing it.  We got you.

We have got your back, your front and all of your sides; left side, right side, inside, outside covered on this one.

How it works:

You attend 12 group training sessions (approximately 50% workshop / work-in and 50% workout) and get 1 complimentary 24k private lifestyle coaching session.  Group sessions are Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm at New Wave and your private coaching session will be scheduled with our resident life coach and guidance guru Megan Woodruff whenever works for you.  You do some inner work, you do some outer work, you do some homework.

Bring a journal, a pen, proper workout attire, an open mind, expect anything and be ready to make miracles happen.

Your investment:

$139+gst or $99+gst for existing New Wave members

To maintain the integrity of the group and make sure everyone gets a lotta love and support, space is limited.









One of the must do's on the Okanagan Adventure List this summer is to attend a Pinot and Picasso Painting Party.  So we booked one where we all get to paint the same Okanagan Landscape.  Or we will all be given the same instructions anyways.  After a little bit of wine the outcome may vary.   Especially since there are lots of people like me claiming that they can't even draw stick folk.

Wednesday July 20th at 8pm. Your investment is $50 and includes all of the things and all of the fun.   Paint, canvas, step by step instructions on creating a work of art, wine and tapas.   And of course the work of art is yours to keep afterwards.

Space is limited and filling up fast!  Sign up here.


Check out Pinot + Picasso here!

Okanagan Lifestyle Adventure List Summer 2016 Edition is here!!!

What a party on Friday night!!!  And so the OK Lifestyle Adventure is off and away.  People are already out exploring - doing all of the things, having all of the fun.  Your incentive to participate?   An epic summer, smiling and laughing more, fresh air, freedom, meeting cool new people and experiencing cool new places and things, making memories and then at the end of it all there is the wrap up party and a TON of prizes to give away.  So ya.  Without further anticipation.  Here is this years explore-Kelowna-Okanagan-Lifestyle-Adventure-list:

You can also pick up a copy here at New Wave.  Better get on it, last years winner was at the release party and has since been to Peachland, Oliver and Osoyoos, clearly going for Gold again.   

We are so excited to see more people participating this summer and would love to see more people get in on this, to see who will take the title of the Okanagan Lifestylist 2016 - let the games begin!



Okanagan Adventure List 2.0 Release @ Canada Day Party This Friday!!!

Mark your calendar.  For the most epic summer.  Starting with the most epic summer party.

We and our friends at Okanagan Lifestyle doin' it again.

It all starts this Friday, with a party to celebrate many things; Canada Day obviously...  The 2nd birthday of the Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel Company.  The fact that its FRIDAY!!!  And the release of the third edition (second official) Okanagan Lifestyle Summer Adventure List.  That, dare I say, is better than ever.  Which means that this summer truly will be epic.  As will the party.  As promised.

Open air.  Live DJ.   Canoe Coffee Roasters.  Cocktails by Glow Juicery.   Turning Point Cider.   Lighthouse Beer.  Wine.  Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel.  And most importantly YOU!!!

YOU and all your peeps are invited, welcomed, encouraged to stop by, say hi and have some fun with us.  This Friday.  THE Canadian Day.

Doors open at 7pm and we go til 11pm.  Last year we had the good fortune of being able to watch the fireworks right from New Wave and it was spectacular!!!  As per most of our things, friends, family, kids, dogs, neighbors, co-workers, blind dates, one night stands - they're all welcome.  The more the merrier.

 ALSO /sidenote/ Friday mornings workout at 915 will be team taught by ALL OF US.

Friday July 1 is shaping up to be something special.  The goodness is in the air.  See you there!!!

11 Tips to Lean Out for Summer RIGHT NOW!

Today marks the first official day of summer which means tis the season where people are ready and willing to do pretty much anything to get lean.   I hear it all the time ''what can I do to get in shape in ___ days or ___ weeks?''.  And my answer might surprise you:  there are things you can do!!!  Things that if you do starting right now that will start to work right now and also forever and ever.   Here are my top 11 tips for leaning out and staying lean (and healthy) for summer and all year around!

  1. Eat foods that were grown, picked, pulled, hunted or layed.  Real stuff.  Lots of fruits and vegetables.  Some lean protein and complex carbs.  Simple.  No shit.  You know this.  Now on to what you might not know:
  2. Chew your food at least 20 times, ideally 30 and even better, for best results 40 times.  Digestion starts in your mouth; chewing releases digestive enzymes which begins the process of breaking down food and using the nutrition right there in your yapper.  Your whole body health and your ability to metabolize food (get lean) all starts with your digestion.   Chew it up real good.
  3. Sit down at a table and roll slow homie.  As per above.  You want to create the ideal conditions for the old bod to ingest and assimilate whatever you're putting in it.  Think of a vehicle trying to fill up with gas while continuing driving down the road (hint; it doesn't work at all and in fact is counter intuitive)...  Your car, desk or even worse - literally on the run with your two feet in transit - are not ideal.  Sit down, chill out and enjoy meal time.
  4. Instead of thinking about what you can't have, focus on all that you can have!!!!   Where you focus your energy pretty much determines the outcome of your future.  If you're all tied up on chocolate cake and how you want it so bad guess what?  It will be a matter of time before you give in - and usually when you do, since you ''deprived'' yourself, your indulgence will be epic (cue eating half a flippin cake).  Shift your focus on how good a nice crisp apple will be.  Shift your focus on how good you feel after a healthy meal.  Shift your focus on how much you enjoy a glass of wine after dinner (oh ya you can lean out and have your wine too!) or if chocolate cake was your thing, shift your focus on those squares of dark chocolate you are going to enjoy!  Which brings us to the next point:
  5. Find a substitute.  If you love chocolate cake, tune in on a few pieces of dark chocolate every day.  If you love sweets, make a fruit smoothie a part of your routine.  Salt cravings?  Try miso soup or home made kale chips or even rice crackers, boom chicka pop or veggie sticks in lieu of chips.  There is always google too.  The google has a healthy alternative to pretty much every single food, dish, meal and drink ever known to man + woman.  Explore your options and get excited to try new things.
  6. Choose wisely.  There will always be a party, shower, bbq, dinner out or some event where you can have a lose-it-all-blow-out-shit-eating-all-the-food-festival.  And in my experience they happen more often that not.  Wise up.  Have a burger without a bun.  Eat the veggie tray that nobody else does (without the dip - the way ''god'' intended - remember point #1 vegetables are your friend).  Order a salad.  Eat before you go!  This subject is a blog post all on its own.  You know what you need to do, choose accordingly rather than ''throwing in the towel'' every time you get a chance.  Just cause its Susans birthday, Dorris' retirement, Jane + Dicks wedding or Marie Beth's bachelorette does not mean you have to eat the cake.  You're a grown up.  Exercise your right to make grown up choices.  Starting with what you put in your body.
  7. Be consistent and move daily in a way that you enjoy.  High intensity workout, yoga flow, cruiser bike ride or a walk in the park.  It doesn't matter.  Just move your butt.  Get the blood flowing.  Feel alive.  Smile.  Whoa.  Wait a second.....
  8. SMILE!!!  The more you do things that you enjoy the happier you will be and the body you want will be a natural bi-product of said happiness.  Seriously!!!  If you're waiting to lose weight so that you can be happy try it the other way around: how can you be happy now????  What can you do to be happy now?  Hint --> #8 works and is my best kept secret. 
  9. Identify your core desired feelings.  Playing on that last one...  People associate weight loss with many things; being loveable and/or loved, comfortable, light, happy, sexy / attractive etc..  Get clear on what the feeling is, what it is that you think that weight loss would cause and then start to incorporate ways to create that or those feelings in your own life right now!  As per the smiling, doing things you love, and being happier now...  When the way that you live your life shapes up, everything else does.  Trust me.  It rarely happens the other way around and that, in my almost 10 year career, is public enemy #1.  ---> #9 is also one of my best kept secrets.
  10. Tune in and listen to your intuition, or your gut.  You know.  Your body knows.   There is so much wisdom inside of you, inside of your body.  Instead of shutting it up with more food, science, facts, what your friend did, what you read, heard, other activities or tasks, tune in to yourself, tune into what you KNOW, what you NEED and LISTEN!  Trust yourself and then do it- doing it is key!  (also...  #10 is one of my best kept secrets).
  11. Breathe.  10 times a day find some time and space to take 10 deep breaths  (I usually do 11 deep breaths - potatoe / potahtoh - pick a number and breathe it in).  I won't call this meditation cause that seems to scare people.   This isn't witchcraft, hippie shit, hard, impossible or anything else that you might make it up to be.   Finding moments to be intentional with yourself, your time, to simply breathe and to simply be will help you to be intentional everywhere else in your life, including with what you stick in your pie hole.  Finding time to create space between your breaths helps you to create space between your thoughts, your feelings, reactions, judgement, actions, pretty much everything and this all affects every single aspect of your life.  Try it! ---> did you guess ----> #11 is one of my best kept secrets.

And then lastly, without a designated # on the top 11 list:

What are you a yes for?  Get clear on what you really want to create.  On who you really want to be. Set your sights on it and then put yourself, feet first, into the real work of making it happen.  Now.  Its time to make that change.  After all, if not now, then when?  When you aren't so busy?  When you aren't so stressed?  When you have more motivation?  The conditions will never be perfect.   There is never a right time, there is only right now.  You are ready now.

You know what you need to do.  Do this for you.  Do it now.  Absolutely do it now.  

The number one killer of dreams and hope is waiting and doing it later.

Now is definitely the right time.

I'll leave you with another one of my best-kept secrets and also something that is pretty much the story of my life to date:

The shit that seems the hardest to do, in the end, is almost always the most worth it.   

Peace + Love, 

Stacy Lynn Fizzy Zeman


Today.  Now.  So that those moments of happiness don't pass you by.



The Sport of Motion Ball + HELP

Have you ever had so much to do that it seems like no matter how hard you try you can't get anything done at all???   I've been a YES for pretty much everything, in the history of my life, ever, which is making getting ''things'' that have to be done increasingly impossible.

My list of ''things to do'' - like necessary must do's - has been growing at a rate that wildfire spreads and there is so much to be done that I am considering just saying ''f*ck it all'' and moving to a new town instead.

People laugh when I say that thinking that I'm trying to be funny.  And I'm actually serious.  I'm there....  On that train.  Last night I was thinking about just packing up and starting new somewhere.  Which probably makes me less productive cause I'm wastin' my time thinking about what that would be like instead of doing the work that I need to do which includes getting to the point of this post.  I've finally surrendered to the fact that I simply can't make this happen.  Which is big; I pride myself on my ability to make shit happen.  And you know what - there comes a time to admit defeat.  And this is it.  Although it isn't really defeat cause whats going to happen is that our team is going to take the gold at Motion Ball and next year we will CRUSH the fundraising....


Which brings me to why I brought you here, to the blog:

We really need your help.  Here's what happened.  So we put together a team for Motionball (remember?), like 2 weeks pre-motionball and each team is suggested to raise $1600 for the event.  And we don't have the time, energy or resources at this point in the game to put any kind of fundraiser together.

I have a few great ideas of things that are really cool that we could do to raise the money that our team needs to participate, and to make a difference, and I sadly simply do not have the available hours required to plan and prepare for anything much less something awesome.  I know you're probably thinking ''then why did you sign up for Motionball?'' and the answer to that is that this time I didn't really.  I didn't really sign us up and I didn't really think it through when I said ''sure lets do it!".  Remember, thats why I'm in this whole mess.  To move to another town, or to start to say 'no' to all of the things, hunker down in a bunker for a few weeks and play catch up.  

I can't stand it when people do this and I am about to do this in desperation for maintaining my mental sanity.

Here is a link you can click to donate, to make a difference..........  So far we have raised $50.  HELP!!!

Every dollar counts and thank you to anyone who feels compelled to give to this.  The New Wave team promises to represent your gift well at this amazing event.


Yours, fulling sane + getting grounded, Stacy + The Team.


I’ve had some amazing conversation with some amazing people the last little while and this has come up time and time again; I must share. Boundaries.

When conflict and difficulties come up in life, it’s best resolved by being open and honest in your relationships, about your job, with your family & friends, the people you care about, wouldn’t you say?   Wait, we gotta back up a few steps – the real thing is actually to be open and honest with yourself. In my experience this is the hardest part.  Everything is perception so I’m choosing to see this “hard part” as a place of growth.  It’s time to get clear with ourselves about the personal boundaries we set in all aspects of our life. It’s a process…. a long one… a challenging one at times… but a worthwhile one. It’s time to have the hard conversation with yourself about where the boundaries are crossed and messing with your growth. Then it’s time to have the hard conversation with the people who these boundaries are shared with. For me, it’s work and life outside work. I can openly typetalk about this because I’m enrolling people in my life about this. I’m starting to create more defined lines around my schedule, when I’m available, when I’m not, and being 1000% okay with it. I have been running wild for a good chunk of time; saying yes to most everything and being here and there and everywhere. Letting the lines be blurred between work and time with my family and friends, and it’s best described as just that – blurry. If I continue this wild running, I’d be face down in the dust, exhausted and uninspired. I’m letting this be a stopping of the wheels before I get to the edge. and it feels damn good. When my “no” gets more clear, my “yes” get more powerful. My “no” has just as much punch as my “yes” boom. pumped.



It’s like standing up for yourself.. .  Against yourself because you’ve gotten there somehow right? Fortunately, you are the one person in this world that can create this in your life. Up until now I was waiting for someone else to do it…   Then I’m like wait a second, all its gonna take is getting super honest with myself about what I want to do and how.

The coolest part?   You feel better. and that’s what this is all about dont’cha think?

I hope this inspires you to look at your own life, create more boundaries around your yes and your no, what you get shooed into and whether or not you really want to do that thing.

When in doubt: think about it, have a nap, talk to your mom and then take the step!



What are you a YES for?

I have to credit and thank one of my teachers, Pam Rader, and further down the chain of inspiration one of her teachers, Baron Baptiste, for putting me on to this for it has helped me to navigate a lot of different kinds of water and most of the time keep my head above it this last recent while.  I recommit myself to this weekly, daily, nightly, other times hourly, moment to moment and on days like today I have to recommit to this breath to breath.  Sometimes I miss the wave completely, wipe out, get washing machined and have to look back, a little bruised and salty, to find my breath again to ask myself after being tossed around in the metaphorical whitewash of life, where did I go wrong???  When I use this tool the answer is always clear and the next step is always easy.

This thing that is really cool that I am loving lately is a simple question that you can ask yourself in any moment that you need guidance:

What are you a yes for?

Go ahead, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write it all down.  All of the things that you are a yes for.

Connection.  Health.  Family.  Relationships.  Freedom.  Peace of mind.  Wellness.  Energy.  Aliveness.  Passion.  Organization.  The list goes on and each persons list is as individual as they are. 

It all sounds really good right?  And it surely is nice and neat to look at.  

Here is where the work comes in.  To be a yes for something automatically makes you a no for something else.

So for example if you are a yes for connection, you are a no for being on your phone, computer or watching TV all the time.

If you are a yes for being healthy, you are a no for the things and people that you know aren't healthy for you.

If you are a yes for positivity, you are a no for complaining. 

A yes for confidence is a no for doubt.

A yes for family can sometimes be a no for friends.

A yes for organization is a no for chaos.

A yes for saving money is a no for spending it.

A yes for adventures is a no for routines.

And vice versa a yes for routines is a no for adventures.

To each their own.

Regardless of what you are a yes for....

If you are a yes for change, then you are no for doing things the same way you have always done them.

You probably don't need more examples.  Its so simple.  You clarify what you are a yes for, and whatever is the opposite of that thing you are automatically a no for.  

And it works 100% of the time every time.  

Try it this week.  Pick 1-3 things that you are a yes for, find what is on the flipside of that coin and in each moment you find yourself unsure come back to the original question to keep you motivated, inspired and on your path:

What are you a yes for?


What are YOU a yes for?


10 Things That Will Change Your Life + Your Body.

I often hear people say (in not so many words):

''I want to lose 'x' number of pounds and get in better shape and then I will be happy and I will start living my life''.

Which is exactly like getting horses to push a cart from the behind.  You know that thing about how it works better with the horses in front of it right???  Horses behind the cart is messy.  It would take a really long time to get somewhere (if you could even get anywhere!) and operating your horse cart that way there would be a lot of wear and tear, accidents and generally un-necessary things that aren't good happening.  Things that would certainly be avoided if the horses were out front pulling as they should be.....    

If you think that losing weight will change your life consider that you have got your horses in behind of the cart.

When in fact, once you change your life, you will lose weight.  

Its like magic when you get the horses working out in front, making shit happen, with the ease and grace  everything else will fall into place.  For real.  

Get happy and everything else that you want to have happen will be a natural bi-product of your happiness.

So anyways....   Here, are 10 things that you can do today that will change your life and in such, when employed, will result in almost effortlessly change your body.    Note this list is not exhaustive, merely a few suggestions that come to mind.

  1. Start a morning ritual with a gratitude practice.  For example.  Wake up with enough time to have some time.  Take 10 deep and full breaths and think about some of the things you are so lucky to have/be/do/enjoy.  Have a glass of warm lemon water - you've heard its cleansing right?  Then try oil pulling (this is a part of my daily routine when I'm being a good girl I love it it makes my teeth super white, my breath less stinky and its just one of those weird things that is really nice to do).  Then EAT BREAKFAST.  Which brings us to #2.
  2. Eat breakfast.   Whoever said it was right.  Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day and the talk around this is an entire post in itself so just trust me.  Put some gas in the tank.  At this point in your morning still don't look at your phone.  Eat with yourself, be a human being with yourself and your people if you have people.  Be mindful and chew your food.
  3. Oh good that is one in itself as well.  CHEW YOUR FOOD.  Digestion starts in your mouth and chewing your food ensures that the proper digestive enzymes go down into your belly with the goods for an efficient break down and delivery of the nutrition from what you eat to the cells in your body.  Chew every bite at least 30 times, better do 40 and ultimately 50 would be best so before you swallow it is a finely ground baby food puree that slides right in like a thoroughbred race horse ready to run.
  4. Exercise.  Duh.  Anything will do.  Basically this: move your body in whatever way feels good.  If you need help, call in the pros.  That's what we are here for.  Motivation, knowledge, accountability, game plans, that kind of thing....  I highly recommend New Wave Fitness....
  5. We touched on this in point #2 and it grants repeating cause its big: be with yourself.  Sit with, feel things and be with yourself.  Find time to get to know, love and appreciate yourself.  Every relationship you have; with food, family, loved ones, work, friends etc. everything is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.  Oh baby you should go and love yourself.  For real.  J Biebs knows whassup.
  6. Love someone else if you are able to.  Have some of the sex and if you don' t have someone to have the sex with, have hugs, high fives, share laughter, connect have meaningful conversation.  Nothing can replace the connection and affection of being a human being with another human being.  Find your people and love them hard.
  7. Ride a bike.  OK seriously.  I'm not sure how it was measured but studies show that riding bikes increases happiness levels by up to 300%.  Whoa.  I know this to be true myself and so can confirm this very scientific study as when I get on my 2 wheeled pink pony to go and ride my levels of joy immediately go up.  My mood lifts.  I feel better about myself.  Its weird and its real and if something as simple as a bicycle ride could change your life wouldn't you try it???  Any kind of bike will do.  Get on and go wherever possible. 
  8. Get enough sleep and go to bed in the nudie - there is something about the nakedness - google it.  You might need 6 hours of sleep, maybe 8.  Through trial and error figure out what works for you and get it.   
  9. Listen to your body!!!  Similar to and not the exact same as being with yourself.  Start to pay attention.  When I eat this = I feel this way.  I tend to get hangry around this time of day.  Oh interesting I get hangry right after I went 4 hours with no food.   Hmmmm.  Shortly after my morning cup of coffee I get really tired; perhaps that cup of joseph isn't as helpful as I once thought it was...  And so on.  Become more aware of what happens and of what happens right before that happens.  A journal for a week with what you eat and what you feel can be a pretty telling tale....
  10. DO NOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW.  Do it now.  Today.  Start immediately.  Take action.  Commit to making shit happen.  Nothing gets done tomorrow.  Now is the only time you have.  Want change in your life?  Make change happen.  Not sure how?  Re-read this post.  Still not sure how?  Email me,  I will hook you up with someone who will carry you to the finish line.
Photo @DarrenHull

Photo @DarrenHull

Peace + Love

Stace Fizzy

Today.  Now.  So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for don't pass you by.

A Conversation That Matters

''Lean in to the hard conversations.  Say what you feel.  Mean what you say.  Be truthful.  Be OK saying the things no one will.  Get comfortable in the discomfort''  -Roz

I don't even know where to start so thanks for that Roz.

Photo @DarrenHull Makeup @JennyMcKinney

Photo @DarrenHull Makeup @JennyMcKinney

This picture pretty much sums up the success of the evening (I've never seen myself smile like that).  A Conversation That Matters could not have gone any better.

My friend Sarah just said ''It was a room full of love.  Like a giant hug.''

The entire event was put on with a $60 budget - support from the community, donations of time, product and services from local businesses and entrepeneurs made everything possible.  All of the speakers, even Fred Sakari who is an actual REAL paid this-is-what-I-do-for-a-job public speaker, offered their presentations, hearts, souls, stories and quite literally pieces of themselves to this cause for free.  For one reason; all of these people want to make the world a better place.  All of these people not only talk about it, they are being about it; stepping up and being the change.  

Photo @DarrenHull 

Photo @DarrenHull 

Thank you to each and every one of you who believed in and got behind this idea.  This post would take 9 hours if I took the time to thank each person who had a hand in it.  Let me just say that what was really cool, is that nobody cared for recognition.  It wasn't about self promotion or an opportunity for free publicity.  Every part of every piece of the evening came from a place of genuine caring - genuine belief in what the event was about - from wanting to be at cause for something bigger.  And I do believe that it was felt the moment you walked into the room.

As I just said, this post could roll on forever.  Thanks to our friends at The Doug and Lisa Show the whole event was video'd  start to finish so it will all be available to view online soon.  In between now and then, here are some highlights:

Maya Angelou was right.  It is so true that there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.  It felt SO good to be able to finally tell you who I really am that night.  Thank you for listening, caring, holding the space and not judging me.

Photo @darrenhull Makeup @JennyMcKinney

Photo @darrenhull Makeup @JennyMcKinney

Shit got pretty real.  Roz and Kait sharing a tender moment.  Roz later said about this photo ''Love your people hard, hold them close because sometimes you have no idea what their reality is''.

Photo @DarrenHull

Photo @DarrenHull

Speaking of shit getting real.  Chelsey Ray.   This picture is definitely worth 1000 words and all of the feelings.  Thank you for being so real, so open and so raw.  You are such a light of inspiration in this world.

Photo @DarrenHull

Photo @DarrenHull

Pam Radar...  Looking pretty happy here despite having just shared a very personal piece of herself.  Everyone that I talked to after the event agreed that they could have listened to just Pam speak for the whole 2 hours.  So perhaps next time it will be ''Conversations by Pam''.  Though slightly serious and hopeful, I'm kidding.

Photo @DarrenHull

Photo @DarrenHull

We raised $1100 for Lit From Within.

Oh and that twist that was talked - each person who attended walked away with $50 cash - to go and do something kind or great or both in our community.  

Shauna Nyrose put the cherry on the top at the end.  I don't even have anything else to say.  And I usually do.  This event has actually left me speechless.  In the best way possible.

So much love to our community and excitement to see what we can make happen from this.

Here is the full photo album by the man Darren Hull, who actually is the reason this whole thing happened... 

I will update this post when The Doug and Lisa Show airs the video of the event.

Peace + Love

- Stacy

Welcome Mike to the NWF Team.

We looked for A LONG time for the perfect person to join the trainer team and we finally found him!!!  And we couldn't be happier.  You know when something just feels right???  You know those people that you just want to be around?   Its all a lot like that. 

Welcome Mike Rogers to the NWF Family.

Mike is a CSEP certified personal trainer.  Originally from Chilliwack Mike will be going into his 4th year of the human kinetics program at UBCO this fall and in his spare time he plays for the Okanagan College Baseball Team.  Mike CRUSHES workouts and is possibly the fittest human, in every way, that we have ever seen move a physical body.

His first New Wave client has this say ‘’I feel so good.  I feel like how I used to feel.  In 4 sessions I feel strong.  He's taught me a lot and I thought I knew it all.  The guy definitely knows his shit.  He’s got me hooked.  And I really like him.  Hes a wicked dude.  I won’t ever stop working with him.’’  Word for word.

He is a rad dude, with a great attitude, an exceptional athlete, a super knowledgeable trainer, with a cool approach and someone you just want to be around.   So ya.

 If you have wanted to work with a trainer, ever required special treatment, whether it be for specific training purposes, goals or injuries that you are working with or on or just need someone to hold you accountable and deliver a great workout...  Jump on this:

Mike is offering an introductory personal training special to his first few clients; just $30 per session (50% off!)  

Book NOW - his client roster will fill up fast!


More good news; once Mikes baseball season wraps up he will be taking on and bringing back the Saturday sessions! 

A Conversation That Matters

I didn't want it to be like this......

I screwed up the link on our newsletter this morning and where I was trying to direct you to the event page for A Conversation That Matters apparently I directed you here.

SO.  HERE.  Is the link to the Conversation That Matters details.

And HERE.  Is the link to the Event Page on Facebook.

And as soon as I have time I will write a real blog about this whole thing, how it started and what it is.  Just trust me for now.  You want to get in on this.  -Stacy

30 Day Spring Detox + Cleanse

The time has come.  To see just how healthy you can be and how great you can feel.

We are excited to share with you a 30 Day Journey to purify your entire mind, body and soul. 

Detoxify your insides.  Cleanse your life.  Love your body. 

This holistic 30 day program aims to improve everything; your mental, physical and emotional well being. 

You will create and establish healthy thought patterns and routines and learn how to eat clean for the long term to maintain your results.  You can also expect:

Clearer skin

More energy

Better sleep

Weight loss

Decreased appearance of cellulite

A healthier blood stream

Stronger immune system

Better breath

Improved digestion

Clear thinking

A reversal of the aging process

Healthier hair

A feeling of lightness

An improved sense of well being and more!

Pretty much everywhere you would like to have change happen will, by the end of the 30 days, start to shift and open up for you. 

Your investment of $99 includes:

1 Yoga + Massage Session

4 Fresh Pressed ExpressCo Juices

Weekly Grocery Lists

Weekly Meal Plan + Menu

Daily Emails + Activities

Personal Coaching, Support + More

For some reason the link isn't working so go the sign up tab at the top of the page to register.

Find sign up --> services --> then workshops + special events and there you will find the 30 Day Cleanse + Detox Special.

Email with any questions.

Starts April 1st.

You do not have to be a NWF member to participate!!!