The Okanagan Lifestyle Challenge starts TODAY!!!

You officially have from now until  Saturday to complete as many of the 31 Challenges as you humanly possibly can. 

The person who completes the most challenges will win the grand prize which is a health and wellness package valued at over $1000 and includes;

  • 1 Month Membership at Moksha Yoga Kelowna complete with Yoga Mat and Drinking Jar
  • 1 Month Organic Produce Delivery from Urban Harvest
  • 1 Month Life Coaching Contract with Cally Closs Peak Performance Coach
  • 1 Day Juice Cleanse from Alchemy Cold Pressed Juice and Superfoods
  • Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel + New Wave Fitness Apparel prize pack
  • Gift Basket from Chai Baba Tea

EVERYONE who participates in the Challenge is going to get a free membership to Get In The Loop - just for trying...  Just for coming out....

AND!!! EVERYONE who participates is also going to be entered to win our draw prize which is:

  • A pair of Rockets Tickets
  • 18 Holes of Golf for 2 People at the Okanagan Golf Club
  • A Character Winter Pack from Tree Brewing

There's more where that came from.  Throughout the day of our grand opening (which is Saturday in case you live under a rock) we have even MORE sweet shit to give away - including but not limited to....

  • $100 Man + Woman Gift Card
  • 10 x Free Class Passes at Moksha Yoga
  • Serendipity Clothing Company Gift Card
  • New Wave Punch Passes + Gift Cards
  • More Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel + New Wave Clothes

So now you know the WHAT you can win, you want to know HOW you can win it.

Here, in no particular order are the challenges (each one is worth 10 points):

  1. Hike to the top of Knox.  Get a photo of yourself and the view.  Make it good.  Show me sexy.   
  2. Sing the entire national anthem while doing burpees, video it and post it to our Facebook page
  3. Attend a Moksha Yoga Kelowna class.  Contribute to, and then take a photo of their community inspiration chalkboard. 
  4. Share your favourite recipe with us on our Facebook page.
  5. Go to the Urban Harvest Saturday sale for some organic produce shopping and snap a shot of your face, out front of their store, with your new produce. 
  6. Take a picture of your face in the hole in the face-in-the-hole Farmer’s Market sign.  This means you're going to have to go the Farmers Market on Saturday...
  7. If you have never been to New Wave, come in for a free class anytime between Wednesday and Friday.
  8. If you have been to New Wave, bring a friend in for a free class anytime between Wednesday and Friday.
  9. Sign up yourself for our 2 week intro special sometime between Wednesday and Friday.
  10. Sign up a friend for our 2 week intro special sometime between Wednesday and Friday.
  11. Bring a blood related family member to a free class at New Wave sometime between Wednesday and Friday.
  12. Bring your trainer an almond milk latte from Bean Scene or GioBean between Wednesday and Friday, we will also add you to the teachers pet list.
  13. Take a picture of yourself in tree pose in front of the sails downtown.
  14. Go hit a bucket of gold balls at the Okanagan Golf Course (the Bear + Quail).
  15. Donate blood!
  16. Come to MY (Stacys) candlelight Soul Shaking Yoga Face Melter this Thursday (tomorrow) night at 730pm.  Free for non members just this one time.  You MUST try this class it is amazing. 
  17. Take a photo of yourself doing your favorite Okanagan Activity, then find Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel on Facebook or Instagram, like or follow them and tag them in your photo. 
  18. Get a flight of beer at the new Beer Institute on Water Street.  TGIF?
  19. Bring a donation for the food bank by New Wave anytime between Wednesday and Saturday.  Make sure you have the trainer on shift sign off on this.
  20. Give a minimum $5 donation the Okanagan Mental Health Association (we are raising money for them this month - donation jar is at New Wave upstairs).   Make sure you have the trainer on shift sign off on this. 
  21. Go check out Man + Woman in the mall (next to Sears).  They are a small, locally owned, AWESOME, cute, cool clothing store that obviously both men's and women's clothing.  Get a photo of yourself standing out in front of their store and tag them in on Facebook or Instagram.
  22. Rate and write a review of New Wave Fitness on our Facebook page.
  23. Email Stacy a story about your love affair with New Wave Fitness (
  24. Take a picture of yourself post-New Wave workout with the caption “I LOVE NEW WAVE FITNESS BECAUSE _____________” and fill in the blank
  25. Bring your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife to a training session anytime for free from Wednesday to Friday.  You may have to prove your relationship by kissing so don't try to sneakily bring your brother or sister....
  26. Post the top 3 things on your bucket list to our Facebook Page.
  27. Bike the waterfront.  Get a cheesy tourist photo of you on your bike.
  28. Attend any class at our grand opening on Saturday.
  29. Go swimming in the lake with us after the 130pm yoga class on Saturday (make sure you bring a towel!).
  30. Bring a healthy baked good or appetizer on a disposable plate/tray to the grand opening.
  31. Share this blog on your Facebook page with your friends.  Make sure you tag us on the post.


The person who earns the most points between Wednesday and Saturday WINS.  If the end results in a tie the winner will be decided by Rock Paper Scissors.

Simple.  Fun.   Ohmygodsoexcited.

To participate you are going to have to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram because your individual challenge points will be calculated by a grand total of hastags / photos (proof you DID the challenge so we can give you the points). 

You will have your own unique hashtag and it will be #yournamedoestheokanaganlifestylechallenge.  So if your name is Susan it will be susandoestheokanaganlifestylechallenge.  If your name is Matt it will be mattdoestheokanaganlifestylechallenge.  Ya dig?

So every time you complete a task, take a photo, upload it to your Facebook or Instagram with your unique hashtag and always make SURE you tag us in your photo or your posts so that we know you 'did it'. 

@newwavefitness on Facebook or @newwavefitnesskelowna on Instagram.

That's it.  We will do all of the final tally Saturday night at 8pm for the giveaway to follow shortly.  You do NOT have to be there to win, you just have to have the most points and be able to prove everything...

Hopefully that is all clear cause I am out of time.

Email me with any questions (, otherwise, GET GOING, GOOD LUCK and SEE YOU SATURDAY.