30 Day Challenge. Day 9.

Day 9 - doing and seeing things differently:

So many of us are use to driving everywhere, so much so that we rarely ever walk (other than to and from the car) anymore.

And sure it's nice to go for a stroll when its a hot summer day, but have you ever really experienced the beauty of the fall?

This weather we are having is crisp that's for sure.  But it's also refreshing. 

Set aside 20 minutes at some point today, grab your jacket, hat, some gloves, whatever you need to make it happen and go for a cruise.

If you live close enough walk to the grocery store or wherever you might have to go, instead of driving.  And if not that's OK, just get out your front door and into the fresh air.

Smile and say HI to everyone you pass.  Notice how these two simple things (smile + hi) put you in a better mood.   

Be mindful while you walk and take it all in.

I am a strong believer that laughter and nature can cure many things.

So if you are stuck, feeling tired, un-inspired, lazy, down in the dumps or any other not super pleasant feeling, get out and go for a walk.  Regardless of the season

And see what it does for your mood and your state of mind.

Keep in mind yesterdays message ---- that your most valuable lessons will come from the things you're resisting most.  The challenges are going to start to become more challenging....  So keep in mind any time you are resistant to something, that it is quite likely something that is going to help you grow.


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