30 Day Challenge. Day 10.

Keep in mind with todays challenge, that it is just that, a challenge.  So therefore should be challenging.... 

And while this may not be challenging for everyone I know that for some it is going to be dreadful.

Here it is: once you have read this, no more TV.  For the rest of the week.  That means until Saturday at 1am.  Even if ''your show'' is on.  Your life needs to be more exciting than a looking forward to a television show...

What inspired this challenge:

We got rid of our TV entirely about a month ago and although I never really watched it to begin with, I have to tell you how much my life has changed by removing the black hole from our living room.  It went from a space in our house where nothing really happened (other than people rotting) to a space in our house where everything (living) happens.  Friends come and sit, hang out, talk and catch up.  We read books and magazines.  We listen to music, do yoga, stretch.  Our little guy gets to roam free and play with everyone's full attention.  We (my boyfriend/baby daddy/basically husband) connect so much more than we ever did before.   It has not only completely changed the energy and vibe in our house, it has totally improved the quality of my life.  ADDED BONUS ---> it saves me $150/month!  #winwin

It has improved my life so much that I have decided to challenge you to try this on for a few days.  See how it fits.  And if it feels good, consider giving up TV completely because really, nothing good comes of it.  Life is not lived in front of a TV, life is wasted. This may be just my opinion but I feel really strongly about the benefits of turning off the TV and tuning into real life and I feel like once you try it that you will too.  BOOM.  Go out and do shit!!!  YOLO