30 Day Challenge. Day 12.

Now that we have eradicated television from your life (for best results off the tv program or remove it from your life completely if you dare) and you are only checking your social media once a day...  What are you going to do in all of your spare time?

Go for a walk.  Hike.  Play scrabble.  Read a book or magazine.

Todays challenge: start a book today and finish it by Sunday.

You could grab that book that you have had sitting around, that you've been meaning to read forever.

But in my experience you will get the most out of going and getting something new.  On a topic that interests you right now.  Perhaps something along the lines of self growth.  Whatever - it really doesn't matter what its about.  What matters is that you enjoy it and read it start to finish.  Exercise that brain!!!

Reading is the perfect thing to do on a lazy day.  In a bubble bath.  Before bed.  On a road trip.  In front of a fire.  While you wait for an appointment.  Oh it goes so well with so many things.

Pick up a good book and you'll find that you won't want to put it down.  Plus, you'll learn shit. 

And learning shit is neat.  Its how you grow....  BOOM.