Dear Food Diary

dear food-from-a-few-days-ago diary,

ahh, Sunday evening... the sun was shining today, its cold but I'm loving the feeling of opportunity in the air - the opportunity to get sh!t done this week!

I've been absent on my food diary too so here she goes:

This harvest crunch cereal with almond milk for breakfast and a hot lemon with an ice cube so I can actually drink it.




This coffee later en route to more work


Two of these prawn salad rolls with peanut sauce when I get home


And These two radishes and massive carrot


This hummus. It's amazing. With brown rice crackers


This chai tea latte with almond milk before evening of work. 





Arugula salad as soon as I get home while I make my real supper haha. Arugula, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, sprouts, avocado, olive oil, fresh lemon juice.


This stirfry for din!!!!! One of my favs ferrrr sure. Sauté sliced mushrooms white onions and zucchini in coconut oil and mrs. Dash for seasoning. then add half of a head of sliced cabbage, add lil more mrs. Dash and 1/2 cup of water to steam cabbage. Then add rice or egg noodles. Add 1/2 cup of water and let it steam further. Braggs soy sauce to top it off.


These black berries and dark chocolate covered blueberries for dessert, both from Costco


I usually eat more like this on days where I workout (usually middle of the day, but sometimes morning and sometimes night). I eat less if I only do yoga/have an active rest day/real rest day! Focus on fueling your body rather than depriving it and just see what happens and how much better you feel #realtalk

xo rozzer