Day 14.

Almost half way! It's getting good... like really good, but only to get better. And what better day than Sunday.

Imagine your best life. Not the one where you want the newest bag or shoes but the one where you achieve your goals, you consistently wake up content –not to be confused with complacent- with what you have, and are thankful for those around you.

Dig a little deeper than that.

Imagine what your best life looks like. Not just the big picture. What does it really look like? Pin point every detail possible. What does it feel like to achieve your goals? How can you change your mindset about what you have so that you wake up stoked on your life? What does it feel like in your heart and in your head to wholly love your family and friends? How are they incorporated into your every day life? What do you want life to feel like vs. how it feel now?


Your challenge today is to find a quiet place (or maybe not so quiet if you're a parent), take 10 minutes and create the most detailed picture in your mind of what you want your life to look like. Then write it down. All of it. Write your goals down as if they're achieved and reflect on the details listed above, and more if you can! Get juicy with your details because the more detailed the picture and the more creative you get with shifting your focus to what things feel like in relation to what they look like in your life, the more you'll be able to live your best life.


and go.