30 Day Challenge. Day 20.

Anyone following closely will have noticed that there was no Day 19 challenge posted yesterday...  I guess day 19 was my personal challenge, but a lesson we can all learn from.  My little dude has been super high needs so yesterday I had to really decide what was most important, fulfilling his needs (like I said he has been having lots!) or putting out the blog of the day.  I tried a couple of times to post something but barely got past opening internet explorer.   I really wanted to get the post up but in the end one thing was more important than the other.  And I think we all face similar challenges, when you really want to do something but whatever it may be, there is something that is more important and what you really want has to take a back seat to what really matters.  There are million different ways these situations present themselves, this was just my example.  I guess along the lines of looking at the big picture and not sweating the small stuff you know?  Being OK with not being perfect...   And knowing that a small slip up doesn't mean you just throw in the towel, you get back on track. 

Which brings us to todays challenge.  Today!  Try something new.  ANYTHING.   Never been rock climbing?  Go try (we have an awesome indoor climbing gym here in town called the Crux).  Never been up to Big White?  Have the afternoon free?  Go explore a part of the Okanagan you haven't seen.  Try a new drink or dish with your dinner.  New restaurant.  New way of doing something.  New way of getting somewhere.  New bedtime routine...  Whatever.  It really is up to you.  One ''new'' thing.  There are a million possibilities and todays challenge is for you to pick just one.

Perhaps you would like to try a new recipe?  Here is Maddies Bangin' Banana Bread Recipe.  You will have to twist your head to read it cause my computer skills are off the charts.

Have an awesome day - would love to hear what new thing(s) you tried today.

XO Stace Fizzy