30 Day Challenge. Day 21.

Todays challenge is to get upside down.  Decided to keep it light for your Sunday Funday.  You probably have enough going on between making your bed, your lemon water, daily meditations and everything else that we've been working on and through.

SO.  Handstand / headstand practice.  There are MANY benefits to flipping your world on its head. 

I could go ON and ON about all of the awesome stuff that this exercise has to offer, but instead I've had google do it for me:

Read ALL about it here.

Check out these 10 reasons to a headstand every day.

Or if those 10 reasons don't get you excited check these.

Some more here.

A headstand a day keeps the doctor away???

If you've never done it before, learn how to do it safely ---> click here.

You can also do a shoulder stand - it offers the same benefits and is a little less intimidating. 

Click here for how to do a shoulder stand for dummies (sometimes I LOVE the internet).

For 5-10 minutes at some point today mess around with this stuff.  Find some space, you might need a wall to work with initially.  Again, whether you use a wall, do a headstand, or shoulder stand it's all just about getting upside down and changing your perspective.  Have some fun with it.

And then stick it in your bag of tricks: for the rest of the challenge, along with the other aforementioned daily routines, add this one.  See the world from another angle and experience all of the benefits that headstands have to offer on a daily basis!

Remember, a headstand a day keeps the doctor away.

XO  Stace Fizzy