30 Day Challenge. Day 22.

Pick the messiest, most dis-organized area of your living space and clean it top to bottom.

I mean remove everything, vacuum, sweep, wipe - purge the stuff that doesn't serve a purpose and organize everything that does. 

Could be a drawer, your entranceway, office, closet - whatever it may be, the area you know is just a disaster, go and cleanse it. 

Simple chore =  Epic Feng Shui.

Speaking of epic Feng Shui.  I must report the success I have had this month through doing the challenge myself.

If you have been following you will have read about my gripes with laundry.  I was literally doing multiple loads a day (for YEARS) and dreaded the entire downstairs of our house because it was just a giant pit of dirty clothes.  It was constant and there was never any getting ahead with it.   Or so I thought...

At the beginning of the challenge I got all wild one day and cleaned our laundry room top to bottom, threw a bunch of stuff away, stored some other things and organized the rest.  And since then I have only been doing laundry one day  a week.   Not only that but the other 6 days a week, the laundry room miraculously stays tidy.  It might not sound like much to you, but to me....  This is big. 

What's even more???  I didn't clean the laundry room with the thought that it would make my laundry load lessen.  I cleaned it because it was a godamn mess.   Honest to goodness I didn't do anything differently, it just happened.  It was like magic.  All of a sudden I'm like ''whoa hey now - I've only done laundry once a week all month!!!''.


All because I cleaned up the environment around the washer and dryer, I take more care to put things where they should go, in turn do less work and get this -----------> I am actually looking forward to my next laundry day and that's the truth.

Short to story there...  To show you how a little Feng-Shui goes a long way....