30 Day Challenge. Day 25.

Todays challenge is 5 minutes of meditation, on your own, without a guide.

Sit in a comfortable position, or lay down if you must.  Relax any physical tension and just focus on your breath.  Allow thoughts that pass through, notice them and then let them just roll on by.   Any time you get distracted, bring your focus back to your breath. 

Why meditation? 

So many reasons. 

Click here to read all about the benefits - mental / physical / emotional / spiritual.

If you need a focus (or mantra), other than your breath here are a few to try:

''inhale confidence, exhale stress'' 

''inhale relaxation exhale tension''

''inhale the good exhale the bad''

''breathe in fill up breathe out let go''

Myself personally, I use numbers and just give each breath a count.  Whatever works for you!!!

Relax.  Become an observer.   Go with flow.  The whole idea here is that there is no idea.  Just breath.  The whole thing is just to let yourself ''be''.