30 Day Challenge. Day 2

Todays challenge is to take 5 minutes to write out your goals for the next 29 days.  Old school with pen and paper, no backspace.

The topic of this writing:

What would you like to achieve through this process?  Maybe you don't have an exact answer but know that there is something you would like to see change.  Don't worry.  If you're not sure of what you are trying to achieve, this exercise is going to help.

It's called stream of consciousness writing and Wikipedia defines it as this:

Stream of consciousness refers to the flow of thoughts in the conscious mind. The full range of thoughts that one can be aware of can form the content of this stream, not just verbal thoughts. Commonly used experimental techniques, including self-reporting, gives easier access to verbal thoughts than to thoughts more closely connected to senses other than hearing and activities other than speaking and writing.

So it would go something like this:

What do I want to achieve through this process....  Hmmm.  What would I like to see change in my life in the next 29 days.  Well I would like to get all my laundry done.  Or maybe somehow find a place where I am comfortable with the fact that all of the laundry will never be done.  There's always so much laundry.  As soon as I think I'm all done there is somehow more!!!  I hate doing laundry.  I also hate how my interactions with people seem to be so fragmented these days.  I always feel like I'm only half there when I'm talking to people.  And then they leave and I'm like OK what the fuck just happened there...  So I guess being fully present rather than always thinking about what's next is something I would like to work on.  But there is always so much ''next''.  I'm always running late and feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water.  I need to find a way to have down time.  I need to find a way to keep better track of my schedule.  I'm always forgetting about stuff; where I put my keys, meetings, appointments, where I am going...  Like seriously where am I going?  Where do I want to be going?  I want to go to the beach.  I love the beach.  I wish I could live on beach.  What is it that I love about the beach?  I think it's the simplicity and being out in nature.  Warm, sand and water.  But I'm also so excited for ski season.  So ya nature...  Being outside is so rad.  Fresh air and blue skies = the best.  Hmmm.  What else.  I'm not even sure what I'm writing about here.   Red.  Table.  Solo cup.  Breakfast.  Eggs.  Wind.  I hate the wind.  It makes me feel so unsettled.  OH THATS IT - I feel like my life is too windy!!!  I need the winds to calm down so that I can calm down.  Hopefully just like the weather this wind will pass.  Being busy is good and I  like it but I hate being so busy that I forget if I even put on underwear today.  Or trying to remember the last time I washed my hair.  Having time to comb my hair...  Do my laundry.  Oh that laundry thing again.  When will it ever end???  It makes me anxious knowing that it will never end.  Le sigh.  Maybe that's another reason I like the beach.  When all you wear is a bathing suit you don't have to worry much about laundry.  And you go swimming so don't have to worry as much about showering.  Yes.  This is seriously what I am thinking right now.  And I don't even have time to look back at this and edit it before I post it.  Keeping it real....  What I am taking away from this is that my life is too windy, I need to figure out how to keep my clothes cleaner.  Need to slow down.  Schedule better.  Simplify.  Out of time.

That's my 5 minutes.  I'm sure I could have done better, but I didn't really want to reveal all of my deep dark secrets.  I don't want to burden anyone else with my dirty laundry as you can tell it is very stressful when the laundry is never done and just keeps piling up.  Wow this really works I don't know if you can see the message here but I can.  Totally worth the 5 minutes it took.

So, now, you go.  Start by asking the question ''what would I like to achieve in the next 29 days'' and answer with whatever comes out.  Even if it doesn't make sense.