30 Day Challenge. Day 4.

The other day you streamed in writing what you would like to achieve through the process of this 30 day challenge.  Todays challenge is to make things clearer.

You might need to re visit your stream of consciousness journal, and you might need to keep writing where you left off.  5 minutes was really just scratching the surface, to get the ball rolling.   So re-read what you wrote, add more, let it flow, re-think it or maybe you already know exactly what you want are looking for in which case move right on to the next step:

Write clear, detailed, achieve-able goals with a plan that are realistic for you to achieve in the next 27 days.   

You need to come out of todays exercise with a clear destination and map / travel plans for arriving there.

Everyone is different...  You might have a few goals and you might just have one.  They might be performance related and they might be lifestyle related.

Once you have a clear goal or clear goals ----> put them in writing in the form of a letter to yourself.

Walk yourself through how things are now with relation to your goal(s), move on to how you would like things to be and finally what steps you will be taking to achieve the end result.

You can't just say ''I want to be happier and healthier, more patient and less judgmental (whatever it may be)'', coast along for the next 27 days and expect things to change.

Because change takes change and if you really want things to be different than they are now you really need to do things differently or see things with a new perspective.

If you are not sure of how this works here is a super cookie cutter / half ass / cheddar example: 

So, dear diary.  Right now my life is _________ but _______ is ________.  I feel ____________.  I would like to start feeling / doing / being more _____________.  In the next 27 days I will feel / do / be ___________.  In order to feel / do / be ____________ I am going to start feeling / doing / being __this__, _____that______, ______the other thing______. 

Again this is a very loose interpretation / slack example of what I mean. 

Write this letter to yourself knowing that at the end of the challenge you are going to look back on it to see how much your life / state of mind has changed. 

Make it holistic.  Go into details, describe how things are now, how they have been, 360 degrees of everything in your life and then how things will be...  And of course, how you are going to get there.

If you're really stuck, not sure where to start, what you want or how to get there, and the stream of consciousness journaling doesn't help.  Close your eyes.  Sit still, just breathe, be present and see what happens.  What comes up might just surprise you!!!