30 Day Challenge. Day 5.

Did you make your bed this morning???  How good does that feel?

Another 2 part challenge for you.  First, grab some lemons.  Starting tomorrow your new morning routine will consist of getting up, making your bed and having a glass of lemon water before you go putting anything else in your body.  The positive cleansing effects of drinking lemon water have been widely documented.  Nuff said.

Part 2...  Another journaling exercise.  Because now you know what you are after, you have your goals and you have your plan, we are going to make sure that you achieve your goals by weeding out the people in your life that hold you back.

Set your timer on this one for a minimum of 10 minutes, go longer if you can. 

Topic:  Who helps me, who makes me feel good, who makes me a better person and why.  AND then...  Equally as important.  Identify: who holds me back, who makes me feel bad, who makes me a less good person and why.

We all have both of these kinds of people in our lives.  Ones that hold us back and ones that help us to grow.  And because you become alike the people who you spend the most time with, you need to make sure that you are spending time with the positive people who make your world a better place. 

At the end of your journaling session write a list of the top 5-10 people who make your world a better place and then let them know.  Thank them for being in your life.  Tell them they make your world a better place, let them know that you want to spend more time with them and then do that.

5 PEOPLE.png