30 Day Challenge. Day 6.

Todays challenge is simple: set yourself aside in a quiet comfortable space and start with  5-10 minutes of light stretching.  Focus your attention on your breath.  If your mind wanders come back to the breath.  It can be helpful to count each breath, to stay focussed on the present.  I will count up to 7 and then back down over and over but do what works best for you.   

Once you are warm, get into holding pigeon pose for a minimum of 3 minutes on each side - of course go for longer if you are feeling it!!! 

Become an observer, let go of everything and allow things to unravel.  Let any thoughts or feelings that come up pass through.  Avoid trying to control anything.  For best results you must let go of the need to control ----> just go with the flow and let things happen.  Stay focussed on breathing, keep everything relaxed, release any physical tension you might be holding - even your face - and stay with whatever comes up, regardless of what it is, ride the wave to shore. 

The reason for todays challenge being what it is: 

We hang on to experiences and emotions in different places in our bodies.  The hips can hold traumatic experiences, anger, frustration and sadness.  So get into pigeon pose, breathe, let whatever comes up be experienced and then let that shit go.  

Click here for more info on pigeon pose (how to get in it, what to expect, modifications, benefits etc.).

Boom.  Day 5. 

Key words for todays exercise: 

Let go.  Unravel.  Melt.  Soften.  Surrender.   Go with the flow.  Ride the wave.  Woosah.