Signing in for classes on MindBody

If you have been having issues signing in for classes on MindBody here are the steps you need to take to verify or sync your Connect profiles with the profile they have already created at New Wave:
-Log into MINDBODY Connect
-Select 'Options'
-Select 'Sync Account' (This will send an email to the email address you use to log into Connect with)
-Open the link in the email that is sent
-In the page that comes up, search New Wave Fitness
-Click on New Wave Fitness
-It should populate with your email address and prompt for a password 
-Enter your password for your MINDBODY login, if it is the same password as Connect, that is okay
-Click Sync 
Now you should be able to sign up for class and see your available sessions from the Connect app. To see the available sessions,  follow the steps below:
-Select 'My Info'
-Select 'My Passes'

That's it!!!  Baam.