The New Wave of Fitness is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.   Some mind and some body.   We do cardio.  Core.  Calisthenics.  Plyometrics.  Bootcamp.  TRX.  Pilates.  Barre.   Yoga.   Strength.  Spin.  Surf.  Boxing.  Kettlebell.  Crossfit.   Jane Fondas leg lifts.   Runs in the city..  Hikes in the trails..  Bike rides in the parks...

Everything good.  That you want.  That you need.  We've got that. 

No longer do you have to hold 2-3 different memberships, to 2-3 different places to get all of the variety you want with the intensity that you crave.  We offer everything under one roof and then some. 

Cause variety is the spice of life.  And we believe that life should be spicy.

No two workouts are the same but each one is carefully planned with your goals in mind.

We change our training schedule each month so that you don't get bored and you'll never plateau. 

We also add one new piece of equipment to our space each month.   Again, because we want to keep things fresh.  Keep you inspired.  Keep you guessing and wanting more, loving your workouts and loving your life.

Happiness...  We sprinkle that shit on everything.

You know what its like???

It's kind of like a good Friday night.  You'll never know what to expect, it's un-predictable and wildly fun. 


One of our main goals is to make every day feel like Friday.  So TGIF.  Get your ass in here.

You can sign up for our 2 week intro special by clicking here.    Or here...  Or here....

But make sure you wear your best underwear.  Cause this shit is epic. 

Peace.  Love.  Surfs up!!!