Boos + Baes Halloween Party

Yo.  We are having a party on Saturday for Halloween.   And you're invited.  It's free as long as you are wearing a costume.  If you're not in costume the cost of admission is one million dollars.  

The festivities start at 8:00pm dull (opposite of sharp) with some stretching of the bones:  Tipsy Freaky Flow Yoga which really isn't anything more than a bunch of ridiculous people doing a bunch of ridiculous things in a dimly lit room with some funky tunes, some funny people and a strobe light.  Expect the un-expected and of course also to have a sore face from smiling and laughing so much at yourself (and everyone else).  It is a very casual ''class''.  So casual that I use the term class loosely.   More just a bunch of people letting loose and getting weird.  No, not that kind of weird, not that kind of costume party, everyone is definitely going to have clothes on. 

Following the best part of the night (I have wanted to do drunk *ahem* Tipsy Yoga for a long time but every time I get a little drunk *ahem* Typsy I forget to do the yoga so this is exciting for me) we have open doors, music, socializing, photo booth, dirty dancing, lights, camera, costume contest.  Which our friends from Lululemon have generously donated a prize for by the way!!!

Pretty sure that's all you need to know...  No outside alcohol.  No drinking and driving.  Plan a safe ride home.  You are a responsible adult you know the drill.   Bla bla bla.  

EVERYONE + ANYONE IS WELCOME to come and get down with us.  So don't be shy.  Find your way out of hiding.  Bring your people and their friends.  Meet new people and make new friends.  Have some fun with us!!!  It's going to be a friggin riot (NO definitely not that kind of riot).

The starts are all in perfect alignment for this to be extra rad; its daylight savings.  HELLO extra hour of sleep.


Well I definitely am anyways....

PLUS You have to see our costumes.  And we want to see yours.    Even if you just pop by for a quickie.

There is an ''official event'' on Facebook you can join and invite your people if you're into that. Our casa es sous casa.  Click here to be re-directed.

OK.  Good talk.  Can't wait!   See you Saturday.