We genuinely LOVE getting to know you guys better.  We also love giving things to people that will make them feel good.  So for the rest of the month we are hosting an online get-to-know-ya-better Q+A.  How it works is simple.  You follow us on our social medias (mainly Instagram and Facebook cause we aren't big tweeters) and we ask questions about a wide variety of things, you answer the questions with how you feel/what you think/like/want etc..    In some cases we might challenge you to do something, post something, share something.  Through the process you get to know yourself better, gain clarity, inspire your life and at the same time give yourself the opportunity to win some awesome prizes.  It can be a really eye opening experience, so even if you don't plan to share your answers you will still grow from participating.  But if you participate then you might as well just join the conversation and share your answers because it is so much more fun that way. 

Last time we did this we gave away a few different memberships, for both Moksha Yoga and NWF, some GCs for awesome local businesses (Man+Woman Home, Aesthetics by Ashley and Okanagan Lifestyle to name a few....) and more. 

Whether you do it for YOU or you do it for the prizes, either way we are just happy to have you participate and get you thinking outside of the box. 

Life is too short to think in a box.  Get out of your box.

Make sure you are following us (scroll to the bottom of this page for those links) and check in later for the Q / task / challenge of the day.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know each other better!!!  Don't be shy.