Fueling Happiness Friday.

*some of this blog post may be slightly plagiarized due to time constraints and lack of creative juices* 

Every day for the next 35 days we'll be posting a happiness challenge (each one has a date and instructions), sharing our experiences with ya'll and encouraging YOU to join us.  35 days is done on January 1st - so completed with an open mind and an open heart, you will be sure to start 2016 on the right foot.  You can do every day or pick your favorites. 

There really isn't much more to say about this...  I know everybody wants more happy, who cares about the how, what or why just have some faith in the process and lets get down to business!!!

Day 1:

01. November 27: PLEASURE | AWESOME TIMES – Experiences of awe take your attention away from every day issues, helping to make you feel more satisfied.  Think of a time you felt like you had an experience where you felt vast, overwhelmed or your understanding of the world changed.  This could be at the top if a crazy hike or after someone shared a life-altering idea.   Once you pick an experience, write about it and share the experience you had with us, the world wide web or someone in your life.

I would actually so love to hear about your experience, and follow you through this entire challenge, so feel free to post your stuff to the NWF Facebook page, comment on our posts, tag us in yours or tell us real live in person how its going. 

Not only is this going to increase your happiness levels, but it will also affect those around you, who will in turn affect all of the people in their lives and this is what we call the beautiful butterfly effect, the possibilities for joy are endless.