Starting on November the 27th we are going to be promoting this cool little thing our friends at Lululemon are doing this holiday season.  It's a 35 day kill yourself and other people with kindness fire-in-the-heart-spread-the-flames-of-love-challenge-kind-of-thing.  For political correctness and simplicity moving forward I will refer to it as the Fuel Happiness project.   Naturally we were excited when presented with this and the opportunity to be a part of it.

A Little About the Concept direct from the Lemonade Stand (AKA the Lululemon People):

Fuel Happiness.  We want you to be happy. Like, can’t-believe-this-is-my-effing-life happy!  So we did our research and learned that there are small things we can do everyday to boost our moods and truly flourish. These research-based practices will help you Fuel Happiness all season long (and beyond).

Why Happiness?  We believe happiness is a choice. Just like practicing yoga, going for a runor trying to accomplish a goal, you have to work at it. By sharing research-based happiness practices, we fuel happiness, starting with ourselves.

Our Goal.  We are all in the practice of happiness, and as a result, our days become happier, our interactions become happier and the people we meet leave happier. This leads us to seven tried-and-true practices to cultivate happiness: gratitude, practicing meditation, cultivating positivity, nourishing connections, living with purpose, prioritizing kindness and taking pleasure seriously. Bam. 

-End Scene-

To light this love fire we be burning we are bringing back our Signature Saturday morning workouts this weekend (Saturday at 9am).  Here's why:  Cause #1 coming and working out with us is guaranteed to make you feel the love and thus will increase your personal happiness but also cause #2 we all have so much to offer that when we come together on what's next we have the ability to warm others and increase their personal happiness levels as well.


You got anything hanging in your closet that still has price tags on it???  Something you bought cause you wanted but turns out you never wear??  A pantry full of food that you aren't eating but that someone who is hungry would be really happy to have?  Or even just money burning a hole in your pocket.  Stick with me here we are just coming around to tickle the belly of the issue.

There are people in our community who are struggling to get by.  Some hungry.  Some homeless.  Some cold.  Some barely feeding and clothing their families.  Kids that won't get Christmas presents and families that won't get Christmas dinner.   You know what's going on here and where I am going with this...  Most of us are blessed beyond belief - maybe even need to be pinched. 

Plus.  Did you know that Simon says that giving away your time or money (or love) makes you feel better than receiving it?  Boom.

Saturday workouts will be free admission with a donation of something.  Like what???  Well non perishables are always hot ticket items for food banks and such.  But also jackets, mittens, toques and warm blankets for people who legit are sleeping on the streets.  Feminine hygiene products, backpacks, bags, purses, hand warmers, inspirational, motivational, uplifting ray of hope make someone who is sad smile kinds of books.   Mini shampoos, creams, soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes.  Kids toys.  Slippers.  Pyjamas.  Clothes.   Gift cards for coffee, food, groceries, prepaid phone cards...

And not to be picky but we don't want your old scabby stuff, if we are going to do this lets really do it right.   Bring in the best of things you don't use. 

Then Kait, Roz, myself and our people at Lululemon are going to make sure that everything gets to the person and people who really need it.  And rather than taking a boatload of stuff and dropping it on at a charity's doorstep.  We are going to hit the streets, find cold homeless people to hook up with jackets, gloves, toques, blankets, food.  We have adopted a couple of families who are working hard to get by, to hook up; presents for the whole fam jam (we will have the details on ages and genders so that we can be more specific with what we need for them soon!).   Anyways YES we need your help.

In short: we are rallying donations from our community of people so that we can go and love it out to those who are currently facing tough times to fuel even more happiness in the world.

Start looking at things and stuff you've been hoarding away and ask yourself if you would be willing to part with it in order to brighten someone else's day.  Bring it in and then stay tuned to social media for the full Lululemon Fueling Happiness love fest to roll out. 

Curious to find out more?  You'll have to wait.  It starts on November 27th and goes until January 1st; 35 days of warm fuzzies.

And how about in between now and the 27th we all make a goal to perform one random act of kindness a day.  Totally manageable.  Anything that you think would increase the capacity in someone else's heart.  Do it.  Start making magic happen out there.

Talk soon.  Be kind.  Hold hands.  Hug.  Love.  Smile.  Squeeze a bum if appropriate.