Give A Christmas - Our Adopted Families NEED You!

OK.  SO.  Kate (one of our beautiful 6am'ers) suggested that we adopt a family to sponsor this year.  The program is run by the Sally Anne and basically families who wouldn't otherwise have a very merry Christmas get hooked up; Christmas dinner and presents for their kids.

I didn't know much about the fine print but think its pretty cool so I said ''sure Kate sign us up, we will take 2 families of 7''.

Then I found out that each person in each family is about $75 on top of $150 per family for the food hamper portion.   Which totals a balance of approximately $1350 that I need to fundraise.  This is where you and our community come in.  We (I) / (they) need your help to make this happen but of course I'm going to make it worth your while.   Keep reading.

Kate set up a tree at the gym, with tags on it (ie. female age 6 reading, male 18 months baby carrier, $25 gift card for food etc.), you grab a tag that speaks to you (you might even have a gift at home that will work - Megan brought in a stack of brand new sleepers with tags that her daughter Dylan never wore - that works!) bring your ''thing'', ''donation'' or ''gift card'' and put in under the tree.

Anything that is a donation with a value of over $30 I am going to give you a FREE NWF top of your choosing.  Anything that's upstairs in the cubbies is yours in exchange.  So you help our adopted family, I say thank you, you get a shirt, you feel good, I feel good, our families are happy...  Its a Trifecta of goodness.  Fuelling happiness in action.  The world shines a little brighter and so it goes.

Here is a little bit about our families, have a look and feel free to pick something or someone to buy for / give to but also know that these are just guidelines, that they can always use more stuff and gifts for the the parents as well so if you have things that are great but not suited to what is described below that's OK!!!  Lastly, we need all this stuff by December 17th AND our Saturday workouts up until that point are strictly by donation for this.  Either a donation of a gift or cash (minimum $10).

Family 1

Child 1           Male                 Age: 1

Gift Suggestions: Teething Toys, Stacking Toys, Sling, Ride On, Trucks, Clothing size 18 Months

Child 2        Male                 Age: 3

Gift Suggestions: Duplo, Trucks, Super Heroes, Dress Up , See and say books, Clothing size 4

Child 3         Female              Age: 5

Gift Suggestion: Dress Up, Lego, Baby Dolls, Play Food/Kitchen, Clothing Size 6, Shop Kins

Child 4        Female              Age: 5

Gift Suggestion: Lego, Dress Up, Baby Dolls, Play Food/Kitchen, Clothing Size 6, Shop Kins

Child 5       Female              Age: 7

Gift Suggestion: Lego Sets, Basketball Hoop for outside, Shop Kins, Easy Bake,  Clothing size 8

Child 6        Male              Age: 10

Gift Suggestion: (Size 16/18 or XS Men), Lego, Mine Craft, Xbox Live Membership, Basket Ball


Family 2

Child 1         Female                    Age: 10

Gift Suggestions: Makeup, Dress up, Reading, Art, Crafts, Fashion, Puzzles, Outdoor Games,

Board Games, Lego, Beading, Fashion Dolls, Shop Kins,

Child 2          Female                    Age: 6

Gift Suggestions:  Dress up, Reading, Art, Crafts, Puzzles, Outdoor Games, Board Games,

Lego, Beading, Fashion Dolls, Shop Kins, Play Doh, Disney, Animal Jam Membership, Doll


Child 3      Male                       Age: 9

Gift Suggestions: Family Rated DVD, Lego, K’nex, outdoor RC Trucks or cars, Hot wheels sets,

Lego, Board Games, Hockey, Science, Model Building, Outdoor games , Spy stuff

Child 4           Male                      Age: 6

Gift Suggestions:  Sports Balls, Lego, Hot Wheels, Xbox 360 Games, Cooking Sets, Science Set,

Board Games

Child 5       Male                        Age: 3

Gift Suggestions:  Sports Balls, Duplo, Hot Wheels, Trucks, Trains

Lets do this.  Lets come together and really do this.  We are all so blessed with what we have, lets share some of it.  Lets fuel more happiness. 

Last night at our Christmas party at Man+Woman (thanks to Erin Zimmer and those of you who came out!) we raised $220 cash to go towards this.  We are off to a good start!!!   I look forward to seeing this all happen and thank everyone in advance who offers a contribution.

Please email me with any questions

Happy holidays!

With a warm heart and a full cup, 

XO Stacy