It never ceases to amaze me; what we can do when we COME TOGETHER.

Like what happened when I decided that we would adopt 2 local families of 7 people for Christmas this year.  It was something that I didn't think much into but it seemed like a really good idea when Kate D from 6am suggested it and so I just kind of went for it.  When I later found out exactly what it entailed to sponsor 14 peeps, I figured that I was in over my head and accepted that I would likely be shelling out a lot of my own personal doll hairs to meet the requirements of adoption.

And then you guys stepped up so big, blew my mind and over filled my heart, not to mention the edges of the Christmas tree.

Cue the whole coming together bit....

The gifts and monetary donations literally POURED in and we ended up not only meeting our goal, but crushing it.  We probably had enough stuff to sponsor another 2 more whole families of 7. 

See for yourself:

When you look up amazing in the dictionary the current definition has this photo in it.

All of what you see, plus $440 worth of grocery gift cards was generously and selflessly donated, by you guys, through us guys, straight up for local families who otherwise might not be having such a Merry Christmas this year. 

So thanks.  For your generosity.  You people amaze me on a daily basis but this was pretty special.  Seeing what we were able to pull off as a (very) small business in a very short amount of time made me realize that the work we are doing at New Wave Fitness, is working.  That you guys are up to big things; you guys are being the change that the world needs.  And it's really inspiring to be a part of and witness to.

So ya.  Thanks.

Another amazing (and inspiring) example of coming together:

On Saturday, we hosted an event for our friends at Shift Power Yoga.  A celebration yoga class raising money for The Lit From Within Project, which is a fundraising support platform for the integration of YOGA & MEDITATION in trauma, mental health and addiction recovery programs.

 And $900 was raised!!!!  In 90 minutes....


We can do so much more when we come together as one.

Compared to the above examples the following is super cheddar but I always think of our daily post workout clean ups.  If we leave everything on the floor it takes one person anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes after class to put it all away.  A painful 10 to 20 minutes albeit.  But when we all chip in to clean up, it literally takes 37 seconds. 

The moral of the blog post story is that you guys are super rad. 

And that when we do shit together, its way better.


That if you're not feeling super rad, that's OK.  Because its also OK to:

Ask for people to help you.  Ask for people to share with you.  Ask for people to be with you and then let them into your life, into your heart, into who you really are and what you are really going through.  Ask for a hand if you need one.  Ask for a hug if you need one.   A high five.  A shoulder to cry on.  PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE.  Step outside of the box and get out of your head!!!  Come out into the world where we are all living and share yourself, share your heart, even if its broken.  Be brave.  Be vulnerable.   Sometimes life isn't pretty.  But.

If you need it, ASK FOR HELP.

You will be surprised at how many people will come forward to stand for you when you need to be held up. To give and to hold space for you.  To love you even when you're in your darkness.  Ya.  It's true.  I'm learning this all myself on a daily basis.  People have your back man!!!  People that don't even really know you that well will be there for you if you are open enough to let them in.  Because people are friggin' rad.

And you will also be amazed at what happens when you come together with other people to make shit happen.


Real.  Live.  Little Miracles.

There is huge power in ''we''.

People need other people.  So love your people, be open to letting your people love you and to letting more people in.  Trust me, you're worth it.

Wishing you a full heart of love and lots of presence this holiday season.

Te Quiero Mas and Feliz Navidad Amigos,

Stace Fizzy + NWF Team + Crew