Casting Call for Fitness Super Stars

This Monday we are having a lovely bloke join us for our workout to do some filming to help us put together a little promo video. 

This blokes name is Jamie, his company is called Pinstripe Productions and here is his Facebook page.

SO to make this movie magic happen we are going to do a bit of a workout-a-thon.  It is after all family day.....  It only seems right that we spend it together.  Hashtag FitFam.

The session is going to be open and free for anyone who ever dreamed of starring in a promotional video for a gym.  Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, athletes, yogis, couch potatoes, ninjas....  If you are a human, you are welcome. 

Here is what you really need to know:

We are going to start filming at 830am.  First with about 15 minutes of Barre (any former ballerinas, rhythmic gymnasts or figure skaters we need you for this part).  Then a 10-15 minute spin segment. 

9:00 is going to be ''the real'' workout start (we only need a handful of people for the spin and barre portions).  9:00 we are warming up, followed by a little bit of everything, a few circuits, some intervals, HIIT, maybe some DIY stuff, surf, spin, cardio, core, jungle gym, boxing, calisthenics, plyometrics, yoga - you name it, it will be happening.

We are going to go until 10:30 so make sure you eat a good breakfast.

We (I) ask that if you are coming that you:

-Bring a couple of outfits (a spare shirt and different bottoms to change into if need be)

-Comb your hair and brush your teeth.

-Wear your best gym clothes (head to toe spandex - guys too).

-Be patient.  Don't get me wrong, the workout is going to be f*cking hard but it's gonna be a little more casual than usual.  It is after all the filming of a promotional video for a gym....  These things take a little planning doncha know?

-GIVER.  We need you to bring your A game, best form, hardest efforts and highest intensities.

-High 5's all around. 

Ya dig?

Cool.   See you and your beautiful butt on Monday morning.  You can even be late.  Roll in at anytime that works, leave whenever you want.  How awesome is this?

So awesome. 

XO Stacy