Healthier Pizza, Pasta, Tacos and More!

The other day, as a part of our Get-To-Know-You-Better-Win-An-Imaginary-Vespa contest we asked you...  If you had to eat just one thing for the rest of your life what would it be???

Pizza and tacos came up more than a few times.  So here, for all you pizza, taco, pasta lovers are some healthier ways to make your favorite meals.

For anyone that answered pizza, here are 74 ways to make pizza healthier.

You should also try Dunnenzies.  They are a local pizza joint that does these gluten free pizzas with Daiya cheese that are better than the real deal in my opinion...

Substitutes for some of the word offenders (hamburger buns, taco shells, pasta, pizza, bread...)

36 Healthy Taco Recipes!!!

This day in age with google at your fingertips you can find a healthy recipe for pretty much anything.  Try it.  ''Healthy brownies'' ''Healthy cookies''  ''Healthy cake'' - it's all out there! 

In fact, here is one for sweet potato brownies.

And this girl Chocolate Covered Katie has a modification for pretty much every single delicious thing you can think of.

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And of course follow our Facebook cause I'm always posting new healthier recipes from around the world wide web for you to try.

Got an awesome website that you've used for recipes???  PLEASE share it with us, it will help you win that $200 New Wave gift card and imaginary scooter we are giving away!!!