My ability to blog and/or write newsletters for New Wave whilst still maintaining good hygiene and keeping my son alive has proven challenging.  Its true that my hygiene is still questionable but I figure his well being is more important than all else so this is just a quickie to make sure you know about a few things that you're invited to.   While I bounce here at my desk on an exercise ball with him sleeping in the carrier praying that he stays asleep long enough for me to get it all out.........  Here goes:

1.  Happy Feet Running Club.  Sundays.  930am.  All levels.  Bebes.  Dogs.  Strollers.  Rollerblades.  Skateboards.  Hangovers.  Everyone and anyone welcome.  FREE.  Member or non member if you are human you can come.  Fresh air.  Feels good.  Beautiful Sunday.

2.  Beach City Cruisers.  Sundays.  130pm.  Bicycle mafia takes over the streets of downtown Kelowna.  Sampling beverages at local watering holes along the way.  FREE.  Fresh air.  Fun.  Also open invite to anyone and everyone as long as you're a good time. 


3.  Our Mudd Sweat and Tears team is getting ready to do business.  If you wanna join us sign up online at http://muddsweatandtears.com/ we are the New Wave Fit Mob (or something like this) password is NewWave11 (or something like that) and you'll be signing up for the 930am time heat #2.  We have another group in the 10am start heat #3 but its full now.  

4.  LADIES NIGHT - coming up.  We have tentatively got it scheduled for NEXT Friday April 24th but being honest with you here I'm thinking it's going to be the following Friday (May 1).  I literally almost peed my pants this morning because I didn't have enough time to go to the washroom in between ''things'' so I'm thinking that its more realistic to give it another week to plan and organize....  Will firm up those details. ASAP.

6.  There is more.  I had a list of 10 things to tell you about here cause we have LOTS of really cool stuff coming up in the near future.   

But my child is having an allergic reaction to his sleep so for now I must go.  Please be patient with me while I try to ''connect all of the tentacles to the octopusses body'' here.

Peace.  Love.  And hope to see lots of you out this Sunday (we are meeting at New Wave for both run club and the cruiser crawl).

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