Definition: ''women friends being over-enthusiastic on the cocktails.''

Just kidding.  That's only a small part of it.

This Saturday, May 2nd, we are hosting a free ladies night/locals night for anyone who wants to join us.  Apart from enthusiasm for alcoholic beverages at this event we also have........ 

Alchemy Juices, who's cocktails are the healthy kind, that do the opposite of what alcohol does and are perfect for cleansing your liver pre or post ladies night, coming to set up their bar.

Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel, GypsySoul Designs and Man+Woman Home are all gonna be ''in the house'' showing off and selling off some of their latest and greatest wears....

Jade from Organic Tan is doing spray tans again (she did this last ladies night and it was a hit!).  Kate is going to be doing a demo on Young Living Oils, showing us around her products ----> lemme tell you her stuff smells SOOOO good and is magical.   And finally Ashley from Aesthetics by Ashley is offering mini mani and pedis which I believe is code for cleaning up, polishing and painting your nails.

This whole fantastic evening of over enthusiasm starts at 630pm and is super casual.  Come when you want, wear what you want, stay as long as you want, leave when you want.  Bring cash if you think you might like to have your nails painted, or be spray tanned, or shop around and buy some swagger...  I forgot - we are also rolling out a rack of new clothes that have been a work in progress so that's exciting for us.

It's all very exciting really.  There is no cost to get in, only for the extra services and swagger that are being offered.   You don't have to buy or partake in anything if you don't want to, everything is optional, just gracing us with your company is enough.  BYOB and make sure that if you have some drinks that you plan  a safe ride home.  We have parking for a few bikes out front and I can piggyback pretty far and aggressively after a few winos so that's always an option.

ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome to come and hang.  So bring your mom, sister, aunt, daughter, neighbor, girlfriend, co-worker, anyone who can use a night off and out, and who is a nice person, is welcome to come.  Good vibes only right?

There are TONS of prizes, giveaways and contests from all of the participating businesses (and us of course).    So if none of the above got you excited how about free shit?  Do you like free shit?  Yes?  Then come.

OK I think that's it that's the official press release - now you know everything you need to know and can start planning your outfit.    But don't get too fancy cause I'm probably gonna wear sweat pants.  And if you're getting a spray tan, wear dark clothes that aren't too tight.   Looking forward to seeing you there!  Email or text 250 826 4348 if you have any questions.  Big XO ladies!!!