I know it's only Monday but I want to make sure that you have lots of notice because I really want to make this a big to-do...    This Saturday our 9:00am drop in workout session is going to be by donation, raising money to help those struggling from the effects of the recent earthquake in Nepal.   

Goal:  create a wave of relief and grow as much spiritual support and financial aid as we as a community can.  In short, this Saturday is going to be a banger (picture yourself inside, outside, swinging from the chandelier, going all out)... 

Because I don't have much time here, and my writing expertise is mainly being a satirical asshole, I've just cut and pasted how this got started.  An email from my lady love Dewi at Lululemon:

''i'm freshly returned from a week in mexico to the news of the earthquake in nepal. oh man. this feels especially close to my heart having volunteered in haiti for a month directly following the earthquake there — knowing first hand (as a witness) how intense and devastating life in the aftermath can be. additionally, my friend maggie has been doing incredible work full of heart and courage and building her family in nepal (www.blinknow.org) for years. if you have not yet heard of her, check it out. she is a CNN hero who has been honoured by the dalai lama and is also the bravest person i know. she is my real-life hero and, while her family and community were thankfully unaffected, thousands of humans just like us were. 

what all this brings me to is this: are any of you interested in hosting a karma class to raise funds for earthquake relief in nepal? i feel compelled to contribute to a bit of good and one thing i believe in is the power of community, asana and moving meditation (whether it finds you on a spin bike or on the mat). i will gladly donate my personal time to help any of you with anything you may need to coordinate this.  i have connected with maggie and she will let me know the most impactful and useful recipient organizations for any funds raised — she knows her shit so you can trust that any funds raised will be going to a good cause.''

End scene. 

It's a win/win really.  You will feel so great in more ways than just one.