We are doing the Beach City Cruisers bike rental grand opening this weekend (which consists of us riding our bikes around downtown Kelowna giving free shit to anyone who looks like they could use it) but between then and now we want to extend to you a free ride.

Because sometimes things do come free and easy.  And we want to see people happy.  And happiness is just a bike ride away.  It's all simple math really.....

So anytime between now and Friday afternoon come on down to the Beach City Cruisers headquarters in front of New Wave Fitness, saddle up and ride one.  Mention the free rides to Flynn or Makinli and all you need is some ID or a credit card we can hold while you're out getting your smile on.

Our Electra cruisers are fully equipped with everything you need; a basket, bell, lock, headgear and of course a cup holder for whatever kind of beverage you need to holster.

All we need is you to come down and save a horse, ride a cruiser bike.