Fall Updates + Class Changes + News

Can you believe its fall already?  And that it's the year 2015???  It honestly feels like whole Y2K thing was just the other day...  Where does the time go?!?!  Anyways.  More pressing than the idle chit chat we have business to take care of.  Some IMPORTANT updates, information, changes and other random things you should know about.  In bullet points for your reading convenience:

  • September only we are offering an intro month for just $49.  So that's like $12 a week.  Members tell your friends...  Or new peeps sign up online (click sign up tab above).
  • Class times and schedule changes next week (we have added 430pm and juggled some other things around).  Make sure you look into that.  Schedule tab.  Up top. 
  • The Okanagan Lifestyle wrap up party is this Monday the 7th following the long weekend.  Super casual 1pm to 4pm in City Park.  We will be hanging out doing fun stuff, giving away fun stuff.  Summary: it will be fun and we would love to see you there.  The NWF facility will be closed that day for the holiday and so that we can focus on Monday Funday at the park with our friends (and you) there...
  • As of September 8th we will be open from 6am to 8pm Monday to Friday and outside of regularly scheduled classes the gym you can come and do your own thing; you wanna ride a spin bike, shred some weights, practice your burpees, grab a Juice or just hang out and meditate - you can.  Free for members, regular drop in rates and punch pass punches apply for anyone else - open to the general public so ya...  Saturdays 8am to 12 noon as well. 
  • As of September 8th we will be extending our childcare to offer you bbsitting services at 915am, 430pm and 530pm Monday to Friday.  Cost is $5/head.
  • We have 5 more spin bikes coming and Thursdays are now one half spin class and one half yoga class.  You MUST sign up online for this class on this day because it is limited to 15 bodies.  Bring a yoga mat for the second half (if you don't have one we have extras) and REMEMBER TO SIGN UP ONLINE to make sure you get a bike.
  • November project Wednesday mornings at Knox with Roz and Keith 6:29...   I was to make it very clear that they do not start at 6:31.  It's a free workout for anyone who wants it.  You can google November Project for more info on it.
  • We are now carrying Express Juice.  What is this?  Vegetables with swagger.  Treats for your insides.  Cleansing.  Detoxifying.  Delicious.  Like Alchemy Juices, but made by our friends over at Central out of their Juice Truck.

I think that's it...  But there is definitely more coming as we are very much so in a big transition right now getting organized for fall.


Know that we are always here to make your workout experience as fantastic and better than great as possible.  We strive to always have you leave happier, and feeling better than when you came in.  And with that; we always welcome your feedback.  In fact we don't just welcome it.  We want it and we need it.  All of it.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Stuff you want more of, less of, what you miss, what you wouldn't miss, whats important to you and whats not.  NWF is all about making YOUR life better so if there is something that we can do to do that, speak up.  Kait is in charge so you can send your feels her way, kait@wavefitnesskelowna.com but I will always be here if you need me too Stacy@wavefitnesskelowna.com 

I don't know about you but I am looking forward to getting into the regular flow of things this fall!!!  Enjoy your long weekend.  See you soon.