We Finally Have a General Manager Facility Coordinator Boss Lady!!!

And her name is Kait....  I have been truly drowning in life for approximately 21 months (but who's counting).  Balancing teaching classes, coaching personal training clients, raising a small child, trying to squeeze in a shower here and there and all of the rest of the bits and pieces of maintaining life and business have finally proven too much for me to handle on my own.  So.  I am thrilled and excited and looking forward very much to having Kait Carlson in charge of everything.    I am going to focus my energy on teaching classes, training clients, raising the kid and showering daily (a girls gotta have goals) while if you need anything outside of those 4 things you can contact Kait directly at kait@wavefitnesskelowna.com.   Wanna join our energy exchange program?  Email Kait.  Schedule a personal training session?  Email Kait.  Have questions, comments or feedback about ANYTHING, email Kait.  Ideas?   Email Kait.  Requests?  Email Kait.    Space rentals?  Email Kait.  Collaborations?  Email Kait.  Community events?  Email Kait.  You get the point.....   Basically any question you have, from now on, Kait is your girl.  Sugar and spice and EVERYTHING nice... I would just like to take this time to blog out a very warm welcome with lots of love to Kait in her new role as the official boss lady.   The whole NWF family is lucky to have you and I am so grateful that you are the beautiful human that you are here to save my ship of life from sinking.   XO Stacy