Friday October 2nd we are celebrating NWF turning one.  Mexcian Fiesta style.  What does this mean?  Whatever you want it to mean.  Usually something about a sombrero.  Tacos.  Margeritas.  Maybe a Pinata.  A truckload of sand.  But in this case we are just using the term Fiesta because a Fiesta sounds like more fun than a regular party and this is certainly going to be more fun than a regular party...

Let me be clear there will be no pinata or margeritas nor are we trucking in sand for this.  Mainly because I don`t believe in eating candy and I am too busy slash tired slash lazy (not sure which one it is) to plan a party where I have to bring in sand and make margeritas.  I just want to sit around and hang out with my NWF familia = this is going to be a super casual, super fun Fiesta.  Just come by, bring a beverage or 2 (plan a safe ride home), hang out and chat.  I will have my half Mexican dog Max the pomeranian chihuahua there.  So thats something.

ANYWAYS.  I know you`re a busy guy so let me get to the point here Jimmy.

Thanks to you, this last year of workouts, hangouts, events, parties and shinanigans has been AWESOME.  

To spread the love and good vibes:

  • All of our TGIF classes on Friday the 2nd are FREE for all to come, sweat, strengthen, lenghten and enjoy
  • All of said classes will be accompanied by FREE samples of freshly pressed Express Juice
  • We have something new and special that we are excited about that we are adding to every class from now on to make the NWF experience even more unique and  everyone who comes will be the first to sample this new and special and exciting thing
  • FREE cruiser bike rides
  • 50% off ALL of our apparel 
  • Of course we will also be having contests and prizes giving away sweet shit, cause when we can, that is what we do

And most importantly this day of workouts and freshly pressed juice will be followed up later in the evening with the aforementioned FIESTA!!!   

Look how much fun we are:

We have some pretty awesome friends...  Not to brag but...  Express Juice Co, Man+Woman Home, Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel, Lululemon, Moksha Yoga, Organic Tan, Aesthetics by Ashley and GypsySoul Designs to name a few.  And in the past they always hook us up with stuff to give away to our people (you) at our parties.  So...  If you come for nothing else, come for the free shit and stay for the beverages and good vibes.

Bottom line.  It`s going to be fun.  So if you like having a good time we will see you then and there.  The party starts at 7pm and goes until late.

Still finalizing the schedule for Fridays classes and all the other details shortly cause last minute is how we roll.  Check back soon for updates.  

You can go back to your regular internet browsing duties now.

Thank you for your time and eyeballs...

Jah bless.  

Stace Fizzy