Fridays Fiesta

Just a quick reminder that we are turning one and its kind of a big deal to us.  Mostly because you guys made this last year so special.  So anyways...  We want to make sure that you come and celebrate it all with us this Friday.  Free workouts at 6am / 715am + 915am.  Samples of freshly pressed ExpressCo Juice juices which are so friggin hot right now...  Followed by a super casual open house style Mexican Canadian Fiesta.  Whatever that is.  We don't even know.  But we do know for sure that it'll be a good time.  And a half Mexican dog will be there.  And I like to play reggae music so you get the idea?  Fiesta starts at 7 and goes til sometime after that.  BYOB.  Plan a safe ride home.  Be prepared to have some fun and take part in some ridiculous shinanigans if you want to get in on winning prizes from us and our friends.   Anyone and everyone is welcome to come so bring a date or two or three.  Your weird neighbors.  Distant relatives.  Co-workers.  Kids and babies too.  Any baggage you want to drag in.  We do not discriminate.  We let everyone sit with us because we like making new friends.  Hope to see you there.  -Stacy