Thank YOU.

Kait, Roz and I got together yesterday and made a short vid (posted here) discussing some highlights from the last year at NWF.  But we missed a lot.  Cause there was so much.  So this is a quick post to say an extra thank you to some specific people and businesses who have been extra amazing along the way.  Lots of you keep me up late at night thinking about how lucky I am.  I basically never sleep.  Thanks a lot.

Lets start with Darren Hull, Jenny McKinney and Natel Hull for all of the good times shooting photos and for the steady supply of awesome images to share with and inspire our clients.  We are SO LUCKY and SO GRATEFUL to get to work with you.  You guys are all too good to us. 

Darren made us this collage using photos he took for us for our birthday (who does that and how cool is this?!?!):

BIG love to Tracy Graf and Krista Martens who are 2 AWESOME clients/working ladies/super fit moms that have been with me through pretty much this entire journey.  Tracy starting working with me back 6 years ago and Krista 5.  You are both so inspiring to me for so many different reasons.  I.  Love.   You. 

Our few token dudes.  We love all of our male members, but Bill Lawrence, John Wright and more recently Steve Tobler get special mention for holding it down for being consistent, kind, caring, friendly and positive influences to everyone around NWF.  It would be weird to not have you guys around. 

Erin Zimmer who owns Man+Woman Home for being sweet, hard working and inspiring to me personally as she keeps herself together running her business, taking care of her beautiful family and also somehow seems to take pretty good care of herself as well.  I am still trying how to figure out how to shower on a daily basis and my family is just barely kept alive.   So I tip my hat to you Zimm.  Same could be said for Kylie Crick - owner of Moksha Yoga - I love you and all that you have done for me.  You taught me more than you would ever know. 

Roz of course...  Who I met 6 years ago.   You might not know this but she was also one of my first clients back when there were like 7 of us working out at the Apple Bowl and has through the years worked her way from kid/client into being basically Batman.  For some reason I always picture Roz as Batman, myself as Robin and Kait as CatWoman.   And before there was Kait, Maddison was CatWoman.   Anyways....

Thank you and much love to Kait (CatWoman) for stepping up and doing all of the stuff that I truly suck at.  My passion lies in teaching and training.  I do not excel at organization or administrative duties as I'm sure anyone who has ever emailed me before knows.  My 5-30 day response time is hardly acceptable for someone running a business....   I wish I would have hired Kait 3 years ago.  Having you take over has helped me finally feel like I am getting a grip on life, regaining my sanity and in due time I hopefully will be more like my momtrepenuer idol Erin Zimmer; do it all and also shower, comb my hair and be well dressed every day (this is my goal). 

My gosh who else...

Shanti Handley.  Who is the brains behind the actual NWF space.  She designed every square inch of it and took it from the meat freezer torture chamber that it used to be to the beautiful spa like space that it is now.  In one week.  We did it in one week.....  She has done other design work for us, our home, my moms home and most recently the backyard of the house we just sold.  She is the cats meow people.  If you need help with your spaces or places, I more than highly recommend her.  Nothing short of a genius.  I could actually write an entire post on JUST HER and maybe I will one day but until then feast your eyes on this:

It doesn't even look like the same place!!!  She is that good.  Here is a link to her company if you feel like you need something Shantified.

Markku Luopa DESIGNED OUR LOGO that we couldn't be happier with.  He and his partner Jaclyn Robertson who own Okanagan Lifestyle teamed up with us on this years Okanagan Lifestyle Challenge.  That was fun.

Giuseppe Simpatico needs mention.  He owns GoodSir Media (a brand development agency) and had me start NWF at the ground floor with what did I want it to look like, feel like, smell like and from there we built a solid foundation for choosing a name that made sense and then let everything else fall into place.  You certainly are a Good Sir. 

Our friends at Lululemon.  You guys are rad.  If I ever decide to change careers I am coming to work for you guys.  I hope that's OK.

We all agreed that Megan Faust deserves a special shout out for being special.  Doing box jumps on the highest setting at 9 months pregnant.  WTF.  Plus you're happy, hard working, positive, FUNNY.  We might go as far as to say you're perfect.  To us.  Never change.

Aly and Brad Steele.  You guys and your little family....  Well, as per the theme of this post, we love you.

Kate D and Sarah C for ALWAYS being there to offer a helping hand, always working hard in your workouts, always showing up to our events and being rad and hilarious.  

Sarah O and Ash - I think you know how I love you both...   All I need is your positive attitudes and ridiculous senses of humor.  The rest is just a bonus.  When you show up to class it makes my day.  And Sarah of course your ability to ''get me''. 

Brizzy, Michelle, Jaime and Calista.  OH you girls are all such babes inside and out.

Lorina, Jillian and Lorenn - Lorenn you and your hooker lips will always bring a smile to my face... 

At this point I could pretty much just list off every one of our members names and then say ''you're rad, we love you''.  Erin and Jade...  Sandra Polley.  Jen McNulty, your little wolfpack.  Ella and Cari.  Rhonda!  Little Breggles and Jade.   Too.  Many.  Awesome.  People.

It makes me nauseous when I think of how much love has been generated over the last year.   

All of our crew and shipmates who help us with everything from childcare, to cleaning and now preparation of the cold cloths and slanging ExpressCo Juices all day long.

Those guys at ExpressCo Juice and the possee at Central - our favorite watering hole.  The food is always good, the service is awesome, the people there are like family, we would never even think of going somewhere else.  Thank you for making us feel so welcome every time.  I really enjoy that now I can detox in the morning with a fresh pressed juice and then retox in the evening.  You basically have covered all of my needs.  Of course that is a joke...   But to every joke there is a little bit of truth. 

Ashley Brain who runs Aesthestics by Ashley, comes in and does our manicures every second week.  You're rad.

Cheryl Trenker, our fairy dogmother, who owns Okanagan Dog Adventures who has also been working with me for a very long time.  You are simply the best.

I should probably thank my mom and my mother in law, for without them I would have nobody to care for my child and thus I wouldn`t be able to work with and get to know all of you beautiful people.  

My mom is so great.  She never discouraged me when I had crazy ideas.  And I have had a lot of them.  She just kind of let me figure it all out.  Some of my dreams didn`t turn out so great, but this one did.   It helps to have people that believe in you.  Thank you for believing in me.  And for being the best mom on the planet.  I know everyone thinks they have the best mom, but I`m sorry.  You don`t.  I do.

And then there is Ragz...  Who has survived 6 or 7 major renovation projects with me over the years (that right there proves the strength of a relationship) and who almost singlehandedly pulled off the entire NWF renovation in one week.  It was insane.  He also deserves a medallion for accepting that we are always late, over scheduled, double booked, fixing, moving, building, buying, changing, replacing, shuffling and juggling multiple things.  It has been a hustle.  I promise to make an effort to calm-the-fuck-down this year.  Just kidding.  Looks like we are renovating another house in November...   I promise to calm-the-fuck-down after that.  You are the ultimate handyman - there is NOTHING that you can`t fix or build.   The best dad.  And obviously boyfriend, partner, baby daddy that a wild horse like me could ever have.  Thank you for doing all that you do and for letting me be free.   

There are so many amazing people that I think of often for their contributions to NWF that I couldn't possibly remember it all in one sitting.   So don't take it personally if your name wasn't mentioned here. 

I speak for all 3 of us when I say we love every one of our clients.  You guys inspire and motivate us to keep doing what we do, to keep learning, to keep trying new things, to keep growing, to keep getting back up every time we fall down, to keep our hearts open and our energy on fleek.  I don't even know what on fleek means but I'm pretty sure its pretty cool these days.

With a pile of love and gratitude for everything that has come before this, for all of the friendships made, the workouts had, the parties partied, the love shared and memories made, and moving forward with huge excitement for another year, thank you.