Well wow.  There are a lot of moves being made around here and right now with all that's been going on the daily routine feels a lot like cliff jumping.  Scary, un-certain, breath-taking , amazing and liberating.  Pretty much, though not always in that exact order.

The things that bring about change are hard.  Change in itself can be a scary thing.  ON the bright side change is almost always accompanied by growth.  And growth generally results in a new type of freedom.  A freedom that you didn't know was possible.  Until you take a jump off the cliff.  Metaphorically speaking of course though in some situations it really does feel that way.  Its an uphill climb, the view is promising and freedom requires a leap of faith.  A leap of faith knowing that everything will be OK when you land.



Today is about hello and goodbye...

As you may know, Kait is leaving.  Well actually she left.  Her and her main Josh are on their way to South East Asia for 4 months.  So obviously we are already missing her.  Thankfully we have a couple rad gals stepping in to fill her shoes.  One of said rad gals is Amber McQueen who when I asked ''do you know if Darren (@dahul) got any photos of you?''  she replied casually without even missing a beat ''not one with a top on''.  Which is serious and funny and at the same time was seriously funny.  Maybe you had to be there.  



ANYWAYS.  Amber fits right in with the crew and is holding down all of the New Wave related details.  You can get her at and as soon as I have a photo of Amber with her top on, I will make sure to introduce you guys properly.  There's a really good chance that you've already worked out with her...  Anywayyyyys so moving on to what we're really here for.

Last and definitely not least of all of the comings and goings happening right now, this one is big.  You may have noticed that Roz has been teaching fewer classes as of late; to free her up for other interests she has wanted to pursue and she is now charging full ahead on those.  We have enjoyed working with Roz and wish her all the best going forward - we know she will succeed at whatever she takes on.    How fitting, as she moves on to the next chapter in her life, that she  took a page out of it for you:

Often times, what feels like the end, is a new beginning.


Stacy + The New Wave Team