Over the past year I've really dug into some big life questions and I've realized that one of my deepest heart desires is to love all people. Help people. Tell people they matter. I want to see the GOLD, the goodness, in people and not only draw it out of them but help them see and believe it as well.  This event is my first practical step to doing that. 

In my heart I know there are so many issues in the world that I would love to help with, too many in fact. And I hope in my lifetime I do get to some how make a difference, small or big, in lots of these areas.  But for now the biggest thing on my heart is helping girls; younger girls going through the stages and confusing steps of trying to figure out who they are - reaching them before ‘the World’ tells them who they “should” be. Getting behind them and helping them see they don't need to be anyone else but who they are. Someone to encourage them, to listen to them, and most importantly to love them. 

These days the world through media is constantly telling us to be better, to be more successful, to try harder. And it's not easy. I remember when I was younger and I truly did believe that I needed to be someone else for people to like me, to be seen. So now, I want to tell girls that they are beautiful and special and that and that they can do anything despite what life has already dealt them. 

So that's my heart behind this project. And here's where I need your help:

Do you know of any girls in your life that could use someone in their corner, to help them step into their full potential and to simply be a light in their life? If you do, I would love to meet her..

Send me an email ( or give me a call (639-317-8489) if you want to help out with this dream I have! 

You can also help by:

Donating clothing...  We are looking for clothing, gently used, clothes that you don't wear, maybe stuff that you may have paid a bit too much for and never really used.

Cause....  We are going to have a clothing swap on Friday, November 4th with all of our clothing donations from around the community.  I'm trying to generate the idea that we have more than we could possibly need. Our lives are so cluttered with things …  So I'm asking for you to really dig deep and see if there are things you would be willing to give to someone who would love something new. Let's get behind the idea of recycle and reuse and come have a fun night of sustainable shopping.

All the money raised from the clothing swap will be put towards two causes near and dear: 

  1. A program I am starting, working with young girls in our community who have had a tough go in life. Spending time with these girls once a week to mentor them, help to guide them, to empower them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Two wonderful girls that I had the chance to meet in Africa. In the area I was in kids don't go to school unless someone literally pays for them, and college is not a thing that really happens ever. But without further schooling chances of getting a job are very low. My two friends want to go to college for business and fashion and I want to be apart of helping them get there. 

Whether you want to donate or just come for a fun night of shopping with amazing people in our community we would absolutely love to see you. Tickets to get into the swap are $10 and items will run from $1-$50 dollars.  Cash and Credit accepted! We will have other fun stuff going on, some local community partners, possibly some cocktails and live entertainment...  So come on our for a night with good people and epic bargains😊 Save your Friday evening on November 4th! 

If there is some way that you, yourself, your family, your organization or business would like to be involved in or contribute to this project please reach out, this is all about bringing people together for the greater good of humanity.  Again my email is l ( or give me a call/shoot me a text at (639-317-8489).

Stay tuned for further updates.

Peace + Love