Well wow.  We made it through and into another year!!! Whether 2016 was your best year ever or you can't wait to pick the wedgie of last week out and get this 2017 thing started already (or both), the time is definitely good now, the moon and the stars are both in alignment, and we've come up with a few ways to help get your pants out of your crack and get you back on track. New classes, new class times (noon!), new special (and fun) events.  And other new stuff that I can't really tell you about, cause the rest of the new stuff is new stuff you'll have to come in and experience for yourself real live in person.  OH and like we do every New Year, EVERYONE gets a fresh start at New Wave.  This means that you are welcome to help yourself to another intro month for just $77.  Even if you've been before, even if you're not ''new''.  Consider yourself shiny and new to us....  It's a part of the fresh start deal that comes with 2017 - we want you to come and try our new excitement for life out and if that means we have to bribe you back in with a lower price.  Well...  Consider this a little Mexican negotiation where you come out on top.  

Stay tuned for more of whats new - see you next year!  

XO Stacy +Team