We love you.  In fact we love you so much that we think of you as a part of our family...  So in honor of the family day holiday this month we are inviting all of our members to bring your fam-jam and loved ones to workout with you, with us.   Like, cause we just want to meet them, be around them, have them (and more of you) in our lives, and see who your people are so we can get to know you better.  Anyone who is a significant other, blood relative, in-law or extended family member can come with you, for free, anytime this month, as much as you or they want, with no strings attached.  Whether you are an existing member or if you are new and say...  Sign up for our 2 week intro special (sign up tab up there), you could bring all your relatives in with you to meet us. 

On that note, we are closed for Family Day.