30 Day Spring Detox + Cleanse

The time has come.  To see just how healthy you can be and how great you can feel.

We are excited to share with you a 30 Day Journey to purify your entire mind, body and soul. 

Detoxify your insides.  Cleanse your life.  Love your body. 

This holistic 30 day program aims to improve everything; your mental, physical and emotional well being. 

You will create and establish healthy thought patterns and routines and learn how to eat clean for the long term to maintain your results.  You can also expect:

Clearer skin

More energy

Better sleep

Weight loss

Decreased appearance of cellulite

A healthier blood stream

Stronger immune system

Better breath

Improved digestion

Clear thinking

A reversal of the aging process

Healthier hair

A feeling of lightness

An improved sense of well being and more!

Pretty much everywhere you would like to have change happen will, by the end of the 30 days, start to shift and open up for you. 

Your investment of $99 includes:

1 Yoga + Massage Session

4 Fresh Pressed ExpressCo Juices

Weekly Grocery Lists

Weekly Meal Plan + Menu

Daily Emails + Activities

Personal Coaching, Support + More

For some reason the link isn't working so go the sign up tab at the top of the page to register.

Find sign up --> services --> then workshops + special events and there you will find the 30 Day Cleanse + Detox Special.

Email Stacy@wavefitnesskelowna.com with any questions.

Starts April 1st.

You do not have to be a NWF member to participate!!!