What are you a YES for?

I have to credit and thank one of my teachers, Pam Rader, and further down the chain of inspiration one of her teachers, Baron Baptiste, for putting me on to this for it has helped me to navigate a lot of different kinds of water and most of the time keep my head above it this last recent while.  I recommit myself to this weekly, daily, nightly, other times hourly, moment to moment and on days like today I have to recommit to this breath to breath.  Sometimes I miss the wave completely, wipe out, get washing machined and have to look back, a little bruised and salty, to find my breath again to ask myself after being tossed around in the metaphorical whitewash of life, where did I go wrong???  When I use this tool the answer is always clear and the next step is always easy.

This thing that is really cool that I am loving lately is a simple question that you can ask yourself in any moment that you need guidance:

What are you a yes for?

Go ahead, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write it all down.  All of the things that you are a yes for.

Connection.  Health.  Family.  Relationships.  Freedom.  Peace of mind.  Wellness.  Energy.  Aliveness.  Passion.  Organization.  The list goes on and each persons list is as individual as they are. 

It all sounds really good right?  And it surely is nice and neat to look at.  

Here is where the work comes in.  To be a yes for something automatically makes you a no for something else.

So for example if you are a yes for connection, you are a no for being on your phone, computer or watching TV all the time.

If you are a yes for being healthy, you are a no for the things and people that you know aren't healthy for you.

If you are a yes for positivity, you are a no for complaining. 

A yes for confidence is a no for doubt.

A yes for family can sometimes be a no for friends.

A yes for organization is a no for chaos.

A yes for saving money is a no for spending it.

A yes for adventures is a no for routines.

And vice versa a yes for routines is a no for adventures.

To each their own.

Regardless of what you are a yes for....

If you are a yes for change, then you are no for doing things the same way you have always done them.

You probably don't need more examples.  Its so simple.  You clarify what you are a yes for, and whatever is the opposite of that thing you are automatically a no for.  

And it works 100% of the time every time.  

Try it this week.  Pick 1-3 things that you are a yes for, find what is on the flipside of that coin and in each moment you find yourself unsure come back to the original question to keep you motivated, inspired and on your path:

What are you a yes for?


What are YOU a yes for?