The Sport of Motion Ball + HELP

Have you ever had so much to do that it seems like no matter how hard you try you can't get anything done at all???   I've been a YES for pretty much everything, in the history of my life, ever, which is making getting ''things'' that have to be done increasingly impossible.

My list of ''things to do'' - like necessary must do's - has been growing at a rate that wildfire spreads and there is so much to be done that I am considering just saying ''f*ck it all'' and moving to a new town instead.

People laugh when I say that thinking that I'm trying to be funny.  And I'm actually serious.  I'm there....  On that train.  Last night I was thinking about just packing up and starting new somewhere.  Which probably makes me less productive cause I'm wastin' my time thinking about what that would be like instead of doing the work that I need to do which includes getting to the point of this post.  I've finally surrendered to the fact that I simply can't make this happen.  Which is big; I pride myself on my ability to make shit happen.  And you know what - there comes a time to admit defeat.  And this is it.  Although it isn't really defeat cause whats going to happen is that our team is going to take the gold at Motion Ball and next year we will CRUSH the fundraising....


Which brings me to why I brought you here, to the blog:

We really need your help.  Here's what happened.  So we put together a team for Motionball (remember?), like 2 weeks pre-motionball and each team is suggested to raise $1600 for the event.  And we don't have the time, energy or resources at this point in the game to put any kind of fundraiser together.

I have a few great ideas of things that are really cool that we could do to raise the money that our team needs to participate, and to make a difference, and I sadly simply do not have the available hours required to plan and prepare for anything much less something awesome.  I know you're probably thinking ''then why did you sign up for Motionball?'' and the answer to that is that this time I didn't really.  I didn't really sign us up and I didn't really think it through when I said ''sure lets do it!".  Remember, thats why I'm in this whole mess.  To move to another town, or to start to say 'no' to all of the things, hunker down in a bunker for a few weeks and play catch up.  

I can't stand it when people do this and I am about to do this in desperation for maintaining my mental sanity.

Here is a link you can click to donate, to make a difference..........  So far we have raised $50.  HELP!!!

Every dollar counts and thank you to anyone who feels compelled to give to this.  The New Wave team promises to represent your gift well at this amazing event.


Yours, fulling sane + getting grounded, Stacy + The Team.