10 Things That Will Change Your Life + Your Body.

I often hear people say (in not so many words):

''I want to lose 'x' number of pounds and get in better shape and then I will be happy and I will start living my life''.

Which is exactly like getting horses to push a cart from the behind.  You know that thing about how it works better with the horses in front of it right???  Horses behind the cart is messy.  It would take a really long time to get somewhere (if you could even get anywhere!) and operating your horse cart that way there would be a lot of wear and tear, accidents and generally un-necessary things that aren't good happening.  Things that would certainly be avoided if the horses were out front pulling as they should be.....    

If you think that losing weight will change your life consider that you have got your horses in behind of the cart.

When in fact, once you change your life, you will lose weight.  

Its like magic when you get the horses working out in front, making shit happen, with the ease and grace  everything else will fall into place.  For real.  

Get happy and everything else that you want to have happen will be a natural bi-product of your happiness.

So anyways....   Here, are 10 things that you can do today that will change your life and in such, when employed, will result in almost effortlessly change your body.    Note this list is not exhaustive, merely a few suggestions that come to mind.

  1. Start a morning ritual with a gratitude practice.  For example.  Wake up with enough time to have some time.  Take 10 deep and full breaths and think about some of the things you are so lucky to have/be/do/enjoy.  Have a glass of warm lemon water - you've heard its cleansing right?  Then try oil pulling (this is a part of my daily routine when I'm being a good girl I love it it makes my teeth super white, my breath less stinky and its just one of those weird things that is really nice to do).  Then EAT BREAKFAST.  Which brings us to #2.
  2. Eat breakfast.   Whoever said it was right.  Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day and the talk around this is an entire post in itself so just trust me.  Put some gas in the tank.  At this point in your morning still don't look at your phone.  Eat with yourself, be a human being with yourself and your people if you have people.  Be mindful and chew your food.
  3. Oh good that is one in itself as well.  CHEW YOUR FOOD.  Digestion starts in your mouth and chewing your food ensures that the proper digestive enzymes go down into your belly with the goods for an efficient break down and delivery of the nutrition from what you eat to the cells in your body.  Chew every bite at least 30 times, better do 40 and ultimately 50 would be best so before you swallow it is a finely ground baby food puree that slides right in like a thoroughbred race horse ready to run.
  4. Exercise.  Duh.  Anything will do.  Basically this: move your body in whatever way feels good.  If you need help, call in the pros.  That's what we are here for.  Motivation, knowledge, accountability, game plans, that kind of thing....  I highly recommend New Wave Fitness....
  5. We touched on this in point #2 and it grants repeating cause its big: be with yourself.  Sit with, feel things and be with yourself.  Find time to get to know, love and appreciate yourself.  Every relationship you have; with food, family, loved ones, work, friends etc. everything is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.  Oh baby you should go and love yourself.  For real.  J Biebs knows whassup.
  6. Love someone else if you are able to.  Have some of the sex and if you don' t have someone to have the sex with, have hugs, high fives, share laughter, connect have meaningful conversation.  Nothing can replace the connection and affection of being a human being with another human being.  Find your people and love them hard.
  7. Ride a bike.  OK seriously.  I'm not sure how it was measured but studies show that riding bikes increases happiness levels by up to 300%.  Whoa.  I know this to be true myself and so can confirm this very scientific study as when I get on my 2 wheeled pink pony to go and ride my levels of joy immediately go up.  My mood lifts.  I feel better about myself.  Its weird and its real and if something as simple as a bicycle ride could change your life wouldn't you try it???  Any kind of bike will do.  Get on and go wherever possible. 
  8. Get enough sleep and go to bed in the nudie - there is something about the nakedness - google it.  You might need 6 hours of sleep, maybe 8.  Through trial and error figure out what works for you and get it.   
  9. Listen to your body!!!  Similar to and not the exact same as being with yourself.  Start to pay attention.  When I eat this = I feel this way.  I tend to get hangry around this time of day.  Oh interesting I get hangry right after I went 4 hours with no food.   Hmmmm.  Shortly after my morning cup of coffee I get really tired; perhaps that cup of joseph isn't as helpful as I once thought it was...  And so on.  Become more aware of what happens and of what happens right before that happens.  A journal for a week with what you eat and what you feel can be a pretty telling tale....
  10. DO NOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW.  Do it now.  Today.  Start immediately.  Take action.  Commit to making shit happen.  Nothing gets done tomorrow.  Now is the only time you have.  Want change in your life?  Make change happen.  Not sure how?  Re-read this post.  Still not sure how?  Email me, Stacy@wavefitnesskelowna.com.  I will hook you up with someone who will carry you to the finish line.
Photo @DarrenHull

Photo @DarrenHull

Peace + Love

Stace Fizzy

Today.  Now.  So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for don't pass you by.