11 Tips to Lean Out for Summer RIGHT NOW!

Today marks the first official day of summer which means tis the season where people are ready and willing to do pretty much anything to get lean.   I hear it all the time ''what can I do to get in shape in ___ days or ___ weeks?''.  And my answer might surprise you:  there are things you can do!!!  Things that if you do starting right now that will start to work right now and also forever and ever.   Here are my top 11 tips for leaning out and staying lean (and healthy) for summer and all year around!

  1. Eat foods that were grown, picked, pulled, hunted or layed.  Real stuff.  Lots of fruits and vegetables.  Some lean protein and complex carbs.  Simple.  No shit.  You know this.  Now on to what you might not know:
  2. Chew your food at least 20 times, ideally 30 and even better, for best results 40 times.  Digestion starts in your mouth; chewing releases digestive enzymes which begins the process of breaking down food and using the nutrition right there in your yapper.  Your whole body health and your ability to metabolize food (get lean) all starts with your digestion.   Chew it up real good.
  3. Sit down at a table and roll slow homie.  As per above.  You want to create the ideal conditions for the old bod to ingest and assimilate whatever you're putting in it.  Think of a vehicle trying to fill up with gas while continuing driving down the road (hint; it doesn't work at all and in fact is counter intuitive)...  Your car, desk or even worse - literally on the run with your two feet in transit - are not ideal.  Sit down, chill out and enjoy meal time.
  4. Instead of thinking about what you can't have, focus on all that you can have!!!!   Where you focus your energy pretty much determines the outcome of your future.  If you're all tied up on chocolate cake and how you want it so bad guess what?  It will be a matter of time before you give in - and usually when you do, since you ''deprived'' yourself, your indulgence will be epic (cue eating half a flippin cake).  Shift your focus on how good a nice crisp apple will be.  Shift your focus on how good you feel after a healthy meal.  Shift your focus on how much you enjoy a glass of wine after dinner (oh ya you can lean out and have your wine too!) or if chocolate cake was your thing, shift your focus on those squares of dark chocolate you are going to enjoy!  Which brings us to the next point:
  5. Find a substitute.  If you love chocolate cake, tune in on a few pieces of dark chocolate every day.  If you love sweets, make a fruit smoothie a part of your routine.  Salt cravings?  Try miso soup or home made kale chips or even rice crackers, boom chicka pop or veggie sticks in lieu of chips.  There is always google too.  The google has a healthy alternative to pretty much every single food, dish, meal and drink ever known to man + woman.  Explore your options and get excited to try new things.
  6. Choose wisely.  There will always be a party, shower, bbq, dinner out or some event where you can have a lose-it-all-blow-out-shit-eating-all-the-food-festival.  And in my experience they happen more often that not.  Wise up.  Have a burger without a bun.  Eat the veggie tray that nobody else does (without the dip - the way ''god'' intended - remember point #1 vegetables are your friend).  Order a salad.  Eat before you go!  This subject is a blog post all on its own.  You know what you need to do, choose accordingly rather than ''throwing in the towel'' every time you get a chance.  Just cause its Susans birthday, Dorris' retirement, Jane + Dicks wedding or Marie Beth's bachelorette does not mean you have to eat the cake.  You're a grown up.  Exercise your right to make grown up choices.  Starting with what you put in your body.
  7. Be consistent and move daily in a way that you enjoy.  High intensity workout, yoga flow, cruiser bike ride or a walk in the park.  It doesn't matter.  Just move your butt.  Get the blood flowing.  Feel alive.  Smile.  Whoa.  Wait a second.....
  8. SMILE!!!  The more you do things that you enjoy the happier you will be and the body you want will be a natural bi-product of said happiness.  Seriously!!!  If you're waiting to lose weight so that you can be happy try it the other way around: how can you be happy now????  What can you do to be happy now?  Hint --> #8 works and is my best kept secret. 
  9. Identify your core desired feelings.  Playing on that last one...  People associate weight loss with many things; being loveable and/or loved, comfortable, light, happy, sexy / attractive etc..  Get clear on what the feeling is, what it is that you think that weight loss would cause and then start to incorporate ways to create that or those feelings in your own life right now!  As per the smiling, doing things you love, and being happier now...  When the way that you live your life shapes up, everything else does.  Trust me.  It rarely happens the other way around and that, in my almost 10 year career, is public enemy #1.  ---> #9 is also one of my best kept secrets.
  10. Tune in and listen to your intuition, or your gut.  You know.  Your body knows.   There is so much wisdom inside of you, inside of your body.  Instead of shutting it up with more food, science, facts, what your friend did, what you read, heard, other activities or tasks, tune in to yourself, tune into what you KNOW, what you NEED and LISTEN!  Trust yourself and then do it- doing it is key!  (also...  #10 is one of my best kept secrets).
  11. Breathe.  10 times a day find some time and space to take 10 deep breaths  (I usually do 11 deep breaths - potatoe / potahtoh - pick a number and breathe it in).  I won't call this meditation cause that seems to scare people.   This isn't witchcraft, hippie shit, hard, impossible or anything else that you might make it up to be.   Finding moments to be intentional with yourself, your time, to simply breathe and to simply be will help you to be intentional everywhere else in your life, including with what you stick in your pie hole.  Finding time to create space between your breaths helps you to create space between your thoughts, your feelings, reactions, judgement, actions, pretty much everything and this all affects every single aspect of your life.  Try it! ---> did you guess ----> #11 is one of my best kept secrets.

And then lastly, without a designated # on the top 11 list:

What are you a yes for?  Get clear on what you really want to create.  On who you really want to be. Set your sights on it and then put yourself, feet first, into the real work of making it happen.  Now.  Its time to make that change.  After all, if not now, then when?  When you aren't so busy?  When you aren't so stressed?  When you have more motivation?  The conditions will never be perfect.   There is never a right time, there is only right now.  You are ready now.

You know what you need to do.  Do this for you.  Do it now.  Absolutely do it now.  

The number one killer of dreams and hope is waiting and doing it later.

Now is definitely the right time.

I'll leave you with another one of my best-kept secrets and also something that is pretty much the story of my life to date:

The shit that seems the hardest to do, in the end, is almost always the most worth it.   

Peace + Love, 

Stacy Lynn Fizzy Zeman


Today.  Now.  So that those moments of happiness don't pass you by.