These are a few of our favorite things:

Yoga + Massage

Friends + Wine

Socializing + Shopping

And so naturally we are thrilled to share an evening of all of the above with YOU.   Next Wednesday night.

Spend some time with yourself, get grounded, then connect, socialize and do some shopping if you please.   On top of the yoga, massage and wine, well, its comparable to paradise.  The only thing that's missing is the hammock and the beach.  And once you hear the sweet sounds of music and feel the magic of hands on your body the hammock and beach won't matter anyways.  You will be taken away on a glorious holiday (without the long plane ride!) and returned safely in one piece, happy, relaxed, rejuvenated, tank on full.

Your investment is $30 and includes yoga, massage, wine, shopping, socializing and the amazing feeling that you will carry with you when you leave.

Space is limited sign up online ---->

Come and feel all of the love.