If self care, self love and feeling hella good are on your list of things to do and feel for 2017 this covers all 3 and then some more.   Wednesday January 18th - doors open at 730pm and you're invited!

This months session is dedicated to the moment you're in AND the year ahead, and how you can get the most out of both to be living your best life RIGHT NOW, TODAY. This is a great way to start the New Year even (and especially) if it hasn't been the best for you so far - don't worry there are reasons.

Come as you are, leave inspired and relaxed, feeling physically, mentally and emotionally lighter. 

Here is what people who have experienced it have to say:

Heaven on Earth.

Going to yoga lady's night is like going on a mini vacation. The yoga is relaxing, the music and the inspiration generated is refreshing.   It's a great place to take a break. 

You know when you have the best night out with friends and you go to sleep with a smile remembering the events of the night, or when the bartender NAILS your favorite drink. It's like that.  Yoga by candlelight accompanied by all the nice warm hands of massage you while you stretch your body and your mind. Really, life can be that good. 

Yoga massage ladies night is like a welcoming to leave your life at the door and step into 2 peaceful hours of bliss.  Music is always on point, candle-lighting is low and amidst relaxing into a dreamy yoga sequence, magic hands appear on your body in just the right places.  And then wine.

I don't know if I can put it into words. 

Relaxing, fun, awesome. It's a chance to have a fabulous yoga session accompanied by massage to help you through the practice. Then, there is wine, chatting and shopping. What's not to love about that?'

Everything that we want our husbands to do for us or let us go and do, all in one night.

There are just 3 more Yoga+Massage Ladies Nights this year and there is still space to register for this one now!

Doors open at 730pm.

The dress code is whatever is comfy, bring a yoga mat prepared for a magic carpet ride to paradise!!!