• When are you open?  We are open Monday to Friday 6am to 8pm.  Saturdays from 8am to 12pm.  And closed on Sundays cause Sunday should always be a rest day...

  • What should I wear to workout?  Wear whatever you’re comfortable moving and shaking in.  Some people wear baggy t-shirts and sweats, others are shrink wrapped head to toe in spandex.  Wear whatever you makes you feel good.  

  • What kind of shoes do you recommend?  For our brand of training the best kind of shoe would be a good running shoe.

  • What should I bring?  The aforementioned running shoes, some water, a sweat towel and a positive attitude.   Always make sure to bring yourself in the right state of mind.

  • Does your facility have showers?  Unfortunately we don't have shower facilities.  We do however have a full roster of toilets and change rooms.

  • I’m worried that I won’t fit in with the crowd, is everyone super fit?  We are a small club with one gym.  We know starting out can be intimidating, but here, everyones treated like family.  That means you.  Man, woman, child.  Brown, purple, black or white.  Start where you are.  Do what you can.  Take it from there.

  • Well I'm in rough shape, will I survive?  Every class is scalable and open to all fitness levels; whether you’re a beginner or advanced there is a perfect sport here just for you. We have both male and female members that have a wide range of physical abilities and strengths.

  • I have a knee/hip/wrist injury, can I still participate?  If injury is the case, we will be more than willing to modify the exercises for your needs.  Come in a few minutes early to discuss your condition/concerns with the trainer on shift.

  • What are your rates?  You can check out all of our pricing options by clicking here.

  • Do you offer childcare?  Yes we offer childcare for all of our 915am, 430pm and 530pm classes.  The cost is $5 per child per session.  No reservation needed, just bring your miniature human and we will take care of the rest.

  • Where do I park?  We are a downtown business so we offer all kinds of downtown parking.  There is LOTS of free parking as well as even more pay parking options all within a couple blocks of our location.  

  • What should I expect?  You should expect to leave feeling good.  The rest is like riding a bike.  Sort of...

  • Do you ever do outdoor classes?   There is always a chance in the spring/summer/fall months that you could end up outside for some / part / all of a session.  So yes? 

  • How long are the workouts?  Classes are between 45 and 55 minutes depending on which way the wind blows.  Sometimes a little less.   Sometimes a little more.    If you come 5 minutes early and give yourself an hour you will have  more than enough time to get in, get it on and get out.

  • I want to try this, whats next?  Sign up for our 2 week  introductory special (click here), and the rest is like riding a bike.

Any more questions???  Email nic@wavefitnesskelowna.com




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