Included in every New Wave membership is the amazing opportunity to work with our resident life coach Megan Woodruff.  She is Personal Performance Coach here in the Okanagan and she is also the New Wave Fitness Internal Lifestyle Coach.   A local lady, born and raised, Megan really enjoys being connected with the individuals in the community. 

Her passion in life is creating authentic relationships, and using those trusting partnerships to support people in their personal and professional goals. Think of her as a confidential, neutral, thinking partner.  Someone who will hold you capable of achieving your goals.  She won't tell you what to do or how to live your life, she will take a coach approach to your conversations to help you tap into what lights you up! 

If you are in a place where you are stuck, or things are unclear, Megan will help you sort through your thoughts. If you are lacking energy or motivation, she can help you tap into where those things come from for you, and how to get them back. Whatever it is, Meg is here to hold space for you to invest in YOU. 

Check out her website or email to book your complimentary Strategy Session.