• Stacy is a big fan of organics, Napolean Dynamite and cheering for the underdog.  
  • A firm believer that life is too short to be anything other than exactly who you are keep it real, live in the mess, trust yourself and the process are a few words of wisdom from the Fizz (Stace Fizzy, the Fizz, Fizzle, Fizzle Fox, FelonFizzle, Fizzaleenie, Fizzaleen).
  • She will openly admit that she rarely combs her hair or makes her bed. 
  • Ask Stacy about breastfeeding, gentle parenting, her requirements for coffee, her love of wine and how she hasn't slept in 3 years.   
  • She holds the title for longest set of burpees ever set by anyone in the history of anything ever; 500 burpees in 50 minutes (with breaks) done for fun one morning, just because.  Burpees are fun. / 250 801 3169.