Here is your invitation from Mike Rogers to start a fitness program just for you, so that you can feel great, have more energy and improve pretty much every aspect of your life and every area of your body this summer:

Lets work together to come up with a program that going to make your experience in the gym enjoyable. Part of making that happen is designing workouts and exercises that are going to work for you, and nobody knows you better than you. I want to give you something that will stick, a program that will not only help you achieve your health/fitness goals but one that will teach you how to stay on top of things when it's all over. There is no body too young or too old! Whether you're an advanced exerciser or just thinking about getting started, my goal is to get you active in a way that you will enjoy.


Now since I'm going to back to school in September my time is limited. The last day to start sessions will be August 1st. Sessions will start at $70 each and I would love it if you would bring some friends along (another way to make this more enjoyable for you!). Each extra person is an additional $15 so you can save a bit of dough if you split the cost. To keep you accountable and on track, sessions are available in 6-12 week packages (with at least 2 sessions per week).  You'll also get a New Wave membership that is good for as long as we're working together. Enjoy all the New Wave classes your little heart desires AND get some one-on-one time with a trainer. After our sessions conclude we could book more sessions together or you could get on our auto-pay membership and come back for as many classes as you like. Should you choose the membership, we can schedule monthly follow ups for the first 4 months so you don't have to go venturing into the fitness world on your own.

We're all just people doing the best we can with what we've got. Hopefully I'll be able to help you get little bit closer to where ever it is you're going.  

Email me @ or call/text me @ 250 864 3016 to get started now.

See you at the gym!